Cookware/Cooking Methods

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  1. cookware that must be lined in order to prevent harmful compounds from being released
  2. types of foods that take just as long to cook in the microwave as they do on top of the stove
    rice, macaroni, and pasta
  3. how microwave energy is expressed
  4. what can happen to foods during the cooking process
    nutrients are lossed, especially water-soluble vitamins
  5. what are some characteristics of cast iron
    • rusts,
    • retains heat,
    • is heavy
  6. what is the word that describes how solid or compact a food is
  7. explain what standing time is (in regards to cooking in a microwave oven)
    the time during which food molecules are still moving, thus causing food to continue to cook
  8. what is the most efficient way in which to arrange foods when cooking in the microwave?
    in a circle or a ring
  9. what setting should be used to thaw meats?
  10. what is one material that is not recommended to be used in the microwave?
  11. how should foods that have different thicknesses be arranged when cooking in a microwave oven?
    the thicker parts should be placed towards the outside of the microwave
  12. what is one thing that can be done to foods before broiling?
    pat foods such as meat and poultry dry before broiling
  13. which type of cookware dents and scratches easily, will stain with different foods, but conducts heat well?
  14. what does salt often do to foods that are microwaved?
    salt can cause food to dry out and be tough
  15. define the term, arcing during the microwave process...
    lightening-like sparks
  16. describe the best type of pans to use when cooking in a microwave
    containers with vertical sides
  17. why is aluminum foil sometimes placed in the corners of foods that are cooked in the microwave?
    to prevent corners from overcooking
  18. what are "hot spots" in terms of microwaved foods?
    areas of intense heat; often occur in foods that are high in sugar and fat
  19. what method of cooking is associated with a wok?
  20. what is the method of cooking that occurs at 212 degrees and toughens high-protein foods
  21. what is the method of cooking where foods are cooked under direct heat?
  22. what is the name of the cooking term that means to cook small pieces of meat or vegetables at low to medium heat in a small amount of fat
  23. what is the name of the cooking term that combines browning with simmering to tenderize and blend flavors?
  24. what is the cooking method that means to cook food over, not in boiling water?
  25. what is the cooking method that requires longer cooking time but helps to retain color, texture, nutrients, and shape?
  26. what cooking method is used to cook whole foods in simmering water or liquid?
  27. Name the type of cookware material that tends to pit with the presence of salty or acid foods
  28. What is probably the heaviest type of cookware material that retains heat well?
    cast iron
  29. What cookware material will rust if not cared for properly?
    cast iron
  30. What is a cookware material that is an excellent conductor of heat but will discolor or tarnish over time?
  31. Name a cookware material that is tough, durable, and retains its attractiveness over time; it conducts heat unevenly.
    stainless steel
  32. What is a cookware material that goes from freezer to oven but may break when dropped?
  33. What cookware term is used to describe simmering whole foods in a small amount of liquid?
  34. To cook over, but not in boiling water is to _?)
  35. What is the cookware term that describes to cook in steam under pressure?
    pressure cook
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