CMST 3060 Quiz 4 Terms

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  1. effective delivery
    the skillful application of natural conversational behavior to a speech in a way that it is relxed enthusastic and direct.
  2. Elocutionary movement
    an approac to public speaking in which speechmaking is rearded as type of performance, much like acting
  3. speaking from manuscript
    a style of delievery in which the speaker reads the speech verbatim-that is from a prepared written text contaning the entiere speech
  4. TelePrompTer
    A device that contains a magnified script of a speech; it is commonly used when a speaker's remarks are televised
  5. Speaking from memory
    a type of delivery in which the speaker puts the entire speech, word for word, into writing and then comimits it to memory
  6. Oratory
    in classical terms the art of public speaking
  7. speaking impromptu
    a type of delivery that is unpraticed, spontaneous, or improvised
  8. speaking extemporaneously
    a type of delivery tat falls somewher between impromptu and written or meorized delivies. Speakers delivering this type of speech prepare well and pratice in advance, giving fulla ttention to all facts of the speech-content, arrangment, and delivery. Instead of meorizing or writing the speech word for word, the speak from a key-word outline or phrase outline
  9. volume
    the relative loudness of a speaker's voice while giving a speech
  10. pitch
    the range of sounds from high to low or vice versa. it is determiend by the number of bibrations per unit of time; the more vibrations per unit the higher this is and vice versa
  11. intonation
    the rising and falling of voice pitch across pharases and sentences. intonation is what distinguishes a question from a statement
  12. lavalier microphone
    a microphone that attaches to the lapel or a collar
  13. handheld or fixed microphone
    a microphone that is attached by a cord to an electircal power source
  14. speaking rate
    the pace at which a speech is delivered. the typical public speech occurs at a rate slightly below 120 words per minute.
  15. vocal fillers
    unnecessary and undesirable phrases or uttrance that are used to cover pauses such as 'uh' 'hmm' "you kno," etc..
  16. pauses
    strategic elemnts of a speech used to enhance meaning by providing a type of punctuation emphasiing a pint, drawing attention to a key thought, or allowing listners a moment to contemplate
  17. vocal variety
    the variation of bolume, pitch, rae, and pauses to create an effective delivery
  18. pronunciation
    the formation of word sounds
  19. articulation
    The clarity or forcefullness with which sounds are made, regardless of wheather they are pronounced correectly
  20. mumbling
    slurring words together at a very low level of volume and pitch so that they are barely audible
  21. lazy speech
    a poor speech habit in which the speaker fails to properly articulate words
  22. dialects
    subcultural variations of the mainstream pronuciation and articulation of a language
  23. aural channel
    A nonverbal channel of communication made up of the vocalizations that form and accompany spoken words. These volcalizations include the qualiteis of volume, pitch, rate, varity and articualtion and prononucation
  24. paralanguage
    These volcalizations include the qualiteis of volume, pitch, rate, varity and articualtion and prononucation
  25. visual channel
    a nonverbal channel of communication that includes the speaker's physcial actions and appearance-facial expressions, gestures, general body movement, physical apperance, dress and objects held
  26. scanning
    a technique for creating eye contact with large audience; speaker move their gaze across the audience form one listener to another and from one section to another, pausing as they do so to gaze breifly at individual listners
  27. talking head
    a speaker who ramains static, standing stiffly behidn a podium and so resembles a telivised shot of a speaker's head and shoulders
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