CMST 3060 Quiz 5 Terms

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  1. chronological pattern of arrangmenent
    a pattern of organizing speech pints in a natural sequential order; it is used when describing a series of events in time or wen the topic delveops in line with a set of patterns of action or tasks
  2. spatial pattern of arrangement
    a pattern of ogranizing main points in order of their physcial proximity or direction relative to each other; it is used when the purpose of a speech is to descrive or explain the physcial arrangment of a place, a scene or an object
  3. casual (cause-effect) pattern of arrangment
    a pattern of organizing speech points in order, first of causes then of effects or vice versa; it is used when the cause-effect relationship is well established
  4. problme-solution pattern of arrangement
    a patternof organizing speech ponts so that they demostrate the nature and significance of a problem first, and then provide justification for a proposed solution
  5. topical pattern of arrangment
    a pattern of organizing main points as subtopics or categories of the speech topic of all organizational patterns, tis one offers the most freedom to structure speec points as desired
  6. narrative pattern of arrangment
    a pattern of organizing speech points so that the speech unfolds as a sotry, with characters, plot, setting, and vivid imagery. in partice, this pattern often is combined with otehr organizational patterns.
  7. circular pattern of arrangement
    a pattern of organizing speech points so that one idea leads to anther, which leads to a third and so forth untill the speaker arrives back at the speech thesis
  8. informative speech
    public speaking that is intended to increase an audience's understanding and awareness by imparting knowledge. inforamtive speeches provide an audience with new information new insights or new was of thinking about a topic
  9. preview statment
    a statement included in the introduction of a speech in which the speaker identifies the main speech points that will be covered in the body of the speech
  10. reportage
    an account of who, what, where, when and why of the facts; informative speeches about events may rely on this
  11. backstory
    the story that leads up to an event that listners might find intersting; offering a backstory can enliven aninformative speech, especially those about events
  12. operational definition
    defining someting by describing what it does
  13. defintion by negation
    defining something by explaing what it is not
  14. defintion by synonym
    defining someting by comparing it with another term that has a equiivant meaning
  15. defintion by example
    defining someting by providing an example of it
  16. defintion by etymology (word of origin)
    defining something by providing an account of a word's history
  17. analogy
    an extended metaphor or simile tat compares an unfamiliar concept or process with a more familiar one in order to help te listner understand the one that is unfamiliar
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