Foodchem Lecture 5 Pictures

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    • "Lipolysis/Hydrolysis of a triglyceride"
    • -----Dehydration, synthesis------>
    • <------------Lipolysis---------------
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    • "Saponification of a triglyceride"
    • Process used to manufacture soaps (salts of FFA) from fats and oils
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    • "Homolytic cleavage of a covalent C-H bond and the production of two free radicals"
    • Free radicals are extremely unstable and reactive species due to their elevated, high energy state
    • They can survive in this state for only nano-pico seconds
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    • "Reaction sequence/cycle for accumulation of peroxides"
    • If the propagation reaction is more frequent than either initiation or termination reaction, there will be a net accumulation of peroxides
    • Peroxides are NOT the source of off flavors or odors per se, however, they ARE their precursors
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    • "Autoxidation overview"
    • First there is an accumulation of unstable hydroperoxides in the lipid system when oxygen is present
    • Peroxide breakdon first tkes place by the monomolecular reaction (forming the Alkoxy radical)
    • This decomposes to short chain aldehydes, ketones etc. while also contributing to the formation of more peroxides
    • At some critical concentration of peroxides the bimolecular reaction comes into play supplying both alkoxy (breakdown products) and peroxy radicals (propagation radicals)
    • Reaction speeds up exponentially
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    "A graph measuring the peroxide value as a function of time as an oil oxidizes"
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