GRE Essential Words S

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  1. Sage
  2. Salacious
    lascivious; lustful
  3. Salubrious
  4. Salutary
    expecting an improvement; favorable to health
  5. Sanction
    to approve; ratify; permit
  6. Sardonic
    cynical; scornfully; mocking
  7. Sartorial
    pertaining to tailors
  8. Satiate
    to satisfy
  9. Saturnin
  10. Schematic
    relating to or in the form of an outline or diagram
  11. Sedition
    behavior prompting rebellion
  12. Sedulous
  13. Seismic
    relating to earthquakes; earthshaking
  14. Sensuous
    relating to the senses; operating through the senses
  15. Sentient
    aware; conscious; able to perceive
  16. Servile
    submissive; obedient
  17. Sextant
    navigation tool that determines latitude and longitude
  18. Shard
    a piece of broken glass or pottery
  19. Sidereal
    relating to the stars
  20. Simian
    apelike; relating to apes
  21. Simlie
    comparison of one thing with another using "like" or "as"
  22. Sinecure
    well-paying job or offive that requires little or no work
  23. Sinuous
    winding; intricate; complex
  24. Skeptic
    one who doubts
  25. Sobriety
  26. Sodden
    thoroughly soaked; saturaed
  27. Solicitous
    concerned; attentive; eager
  28. Solvent
    able to meet finacial obligations
  29. Somatic
    relating to or affecting the body; corporeal
  30. Soporific
    sleep producing
  31. Sordid
    filthy; contemptible and corrupt
  32. Specious
    seeming to be logical and sounded, but not really so
  33. Squalor
    filthy, wretched condition
  34. Staccato
    marked by abrupt, clear-cut sounds
  35. Stanch
    to stop or check the flow of
  36. Stentorian
    extremely loud
  37. Stigma
    mark of disgrace or inferiority
  38. Stint
    to be sparing
  39. Stipulate
    to specify as an essential condition
  40. Stolid
    having or showing little emotion
  41. Stratified
    arranged in layers
  42. Striated
    marked with thin, narrowed grooves or channels
  43. Stricture
    something that restrains; negative criticism
  44. Strident
    loud; harsh; unpleasantly noisy
  45. Stultify
    to impair or reduce to uselessness
  46. Stupefy
    to dull the senses of; stun; astonish
  47. Stygian
    dark and gloomy
  48. Substantiate
    to support with proof or evidence
  49. Substantive
    essential; pertaining to the substance
  50. Subsume
    to include; incorporate
  51. Subversive
    inted to undermine or overthrow, especially and established government
  52. Succor
    relief; help in time of distress or want
  53. Sundry
  54. Supine
    lying on the back; marked by lethargy
  55. Supplant
    to replace; substitute
  56. Suppliant
    beseeching(to beg for urgertly or anxiously; to request earnestly)
  57. Supplicant
    one who asks humbly or earnestly
  58. Supposition
    the act of assuming to be true or real
  59. Syllogism
    a form of deductive reasoning that has a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion
  60. Sylvan
    relating to the woods or forest
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