GRE Essential Words T

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  1. Tacit
    silently understood; implied
  2. Talisman
    charm to bring good luck and avert misfortune
  3. Tangential
    peripheral; disgressing
  4. Tautology
    unnecessary repetition
  5. Taxonomy
    science of classification; in biology, the process of classifying organisms in catergories
  6. Tenet
    belief; doctrine
  7. Tenuous
    weak; insubstantial
  8. Theocracy
    government by priest representing a god
  9. Timbre
    the characteristic quality of sound produved by a particular instument or voice; tone color
  10. Toady
    flatterer; hanger-on; yes-man
  11. Tome
    book, usually large and academic
  12. Torpor
    Lethargy; dormancy; sluggishness
  13. Torque
    turning or twisting force; the moment of a force; the measure of a force's tendency to produce twisting or turning and rotation around an axis
  14. Tortuous
    having many twist and turns; highly complex
  15. Tout
    to promote or praise energetically
  16. Tractable
    obedient; yielding
  17. Transient
    temporary; short-lived; fleeting
  18. Travail
    work, especially arduoud work; tribulation; anguish
  19. Travesty
    parody; exaggeratedd imitation; caricature
  20. Treatise
    article treating a subjent systematically and thoroughly
  21. Tremulous
    trembling; quivering; frugal; timid
  22. Truculence
    aggressiveness; ferocity
  23. Tryst
    agreement between lovers to meet; rendezvous
  24. Tumid
    swollen; distended
  25. Turbid
    muddy; opaque; in state of great confusion
  26. Turgid
    swollen; bloated; pompous
  27. Tutelary
    serving as a guardian or protector
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