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  1. Taxotere
    • Gen: Docetaxel,
    • Class: Antineoplastic Agent (Mitotic-I),
    • RoA: IV,
    • MOA: binds/inhibits microtubule disassembly inhibiting mitotic/interphase = no cell division,
    • Indication: Breast cancer, Gastric cancer, Head & neck cancer, hormone refractory prostate cancer, lung cancer
  2. Angiomax
    • Gen: Bivalirudin,
    • Class: Anticoagulant, Thrombin-I,
    • RoA: IV,
    • MOA: binds to catalytic site and the anion-binding exosite of circulating and clot-bound thrombin,
    • Indication: Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, Thromboembolic disorder
  3. Thrombin-jmi
    • Gen: Bovine Thrombin,
    • Class: Hemostatic, Coagulant,
    • RoA: Topical,
    • MOA: a protein substance that immediately clots the fibrinogen of the blood,
    • Indication: hemorrhage
  4. Cancidas
    • Gen: Caspofungin Acetate,
    • Class: Antifungal, Glucan Synthesis I,
    • RoA: IV,
    • MOA: inhibits beta-1,3-D-glucan synthesis: an important component of cell wall,
    • Indication: Aspergillosis, Candidemia, Febrile neutropenia
  5. Ultane
    • Gen: Sevoflurane,
    • Class: Anesthetic, Haloalkane,
    • RoA: Inhalation,
    • MOA: disrupts lipid matrix of neuronal membranes affecting gating of ion channels,
    • Indication: General Anesthesia
  6. Seroquel
    • Gen: Quetiapine Fumarate,
    • Class: Antipsychotic, Dibenzothiazepine,
    • RoA: Oral,
    • MOA: antagonist of 5-HT1A, 2, D1,2, H1, and alpha1,2,
    • Indication: Bipolar-1, MDD, Schizophrenia
  7. Protonix IV
    • Gen: Pantoprazole Sodium,
    • Class: PPI,
    • RoA: Oral, IV
    • MOA: inhibits acid secretion by covalently binding to the H/K ATPase pump,
    • Indication: GERD, Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, Gastric hypersecretion
  8. Gemzar
    • Gen: Gemcitabine Hydrochloride,
    • Class: Antineoplastic Agent, Antimetabolite
    • RoA: IV,
    • MOA: nucleoside analogue cell phase-specific for the S-phase and for the G1/S-phase, inhibits DNA synthesis,
    • Indication: Breast, Ovarian, Pancreas, non-small cell lung cancers
  9. Erbitux
    • Gen: Cetuximab,
    • Class: Antineoplastic agent, (Mab) EGFR-I,
    • RoA: IV,
    • MOA: binds EGFR blocking phosphorylation/activation of kinases, inhibiting growth/survival of tumor cells
    • Indication: Head and neck cancer, Metastatic colorectal cancer
  10. Visipaque
    • Gen: Iodixanol,
    • Class: (Dye)Non-Ionic Contrast Agent
    • RoA: IV,
    • MOA: hypotonic, low osmolality to serum,
    • Indication: Diagnostics Radiography
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