Accounting Mod7

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  1. authorized shares
    amount of shares a corp is allowed to sell
  2. comprehensive income
    all changes in shareholders' equity during a period excpet for changes resluting from the sale or repurchase of shares, or from the payment of dividends.
  3. contributed capital
    total amount of cash paid or other assets contributed by shareholders in exhange for share capital
  4. Cumulative dividend
    preferred shares that give current dividends and unpaid dividends from previous years
  5. Legal Capital
    The amount per share that must be retained in a business for the protection of corporate creditors
  6. Redeemable (callable) preferred shares
    issuer has right to purchase shares from shareholders at specified future dates and prices
  7. Retained earnings
    net income after subtracting net loss and dividends
  8. Retractable preferred shares
    shareholders can sell shares to issuer at specified future dates and prices
  9. Return on equity
    net income as % of average shareholders' equity
  10. share capital
    amount paid to corporation by shareholders in exchange for shares
  11. Basic earnings per share
    subtract any preffered dividends from net income and vidiing by the weighted average number of common shares
  12. debt covenant
    restriction on a loan which may limit the user of assets for the payment of dividends
  13. declaration date
    formal date BOD declares a dividend will be paid
  14. Fully diluted earnings per share
    EPS adjusted for max possible dilution that would occur if securities were all common shares
  15. Interperiod tax allocation
    allocation of income tax expense between two or more periods to record current tax due and amount due in future (deferred)
  16. Intraperiod tax allocation
    associating tax expense with the spcific item that directly affecs the income tax for the period
  17. payment date
    date cash dividends are sent to shareholders
  18. payout ratio
    % of income distrubuted as cash dividends

    cash dividends/net income
  19. record date
    date when ownership of shares is determined for dividend purposes
  20. retained earnings restrictions
    circumstances that make portion of retained earnings not available for dividends
  21. weighted average number of shares
    number of common shares outstanding during the year, with any shares purchased or issued weighted by the fraction of the year they have been outstanding
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