Health Definitions

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  1. Define Morbidity?
    The proportion of Ill health in a population or group
  2. Burden of Disease
    The effects of a condition or disease on health, through years lost from premature death a years spent in poor illness.
  3. DALY
    • Disability Adjusted Life Years
    • One year of healthy life lost due to a disease or injury.
  4. Life Expectancy
    The average number of years of life remaining to a person at any specific age.
  5. Prevalence
    The number of proportion present in a population at a given time
  6. Trends
    Tendancies, patterns and direction of factors of statistics
  7. Health Status
    An individuals or a population's overall health, measure against aspects such as life expectancy, disablity and risk of disease
  8. Mortality
    Death; frequency of death in a population or group!
  9. Incidence
    The number of new cases during a given period
  10. Growth
    The increase in physical size and strength tat occurs until early adulthood.
  11. Development
    The complex and qualitative change tha related to our physical, social and emotional and intellectual status and capacities.
  12. Dimensions of Health
    Physical, Mental and Social.
  13. Physical Health
    Relates to the efficient functioning of the body and it's systems
  14. Mental Health
    refers to aspects of health and wellbeing that relate to people's abilities to recognise their own strenths and weaknesses and to cope with stress and contribute to the community
  15. Social Health
    Refers to the ability to independantly and cooperartively interact with others and participate in the community
  16. Dimensions of Development
    Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social
  17. Physical Development
    Physical development refers to changes in the complexity structue and function of the body
  18. Intellectual Development
    Refers to the changes in mental skills and abilities
  19. Emotional Development
    Refers to the capacity to recognise, express and control feelings and emotions.
  20. Social Development
    Refers to changes and improvements in people's abilities to interact with others, relate to other people and learn to live in social groups
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