history 12:1

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  1. Wu Zhao
    only woman to rule China in own name
  2. Sui dynasty
    emperor Sui Wendi reunited N and S to found this dynasty
  3. Tang dynasty
    618 restored China's earlier glory
  4. Li Yuan
    • first Tang emperor
    • general under Sui dynasty
  5. Tang Taizong
    • forced dad to hand over power
    • most admired emperor
    • Li Shimin
    • established Tang dynasty
  6. compelled
    forced to do something
  7. tributary states
    self-governing states where rulers had to acknowledge Chinese supremacy and send regular tribute to Tang emperor
  8. land reform
    broke up large agricultural holdings and redistributed land to peasants
  9. Arabs
    conquered central Asia
  10. Zhao Kuangyin
    general who founded Song dynasty
  11. Song dynasty
    960 time of great economic growth
  12. Mongols
    invaders from N who overthrew Song
  13. Grand canal
    • completed during Sui dynasty
    • linked Huang R to Chang R
  14. gentry
    wealthy land owning class
  15. dowry
    payment that woman brings to marriage
  16. foot binding
    practice of small feet so women can be helpless
  17. pagoda
    multistoried temple with eaves that curve up at corners
  18. porcelain
    • shiny, hard pottery that was prized as finest in the world
    • "china ware"
  19. Li Bo
    • greatest Tang poet
    • lover of life and freedom
  20. Du Fu
    • friend of Li Bo
    • realistic and less romantic poet
  21. Li Qingzhao
    her poems relfected the invasion that ended the Song dynasty
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