political science 101

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  1. Democracy
    a system of goverment in which the people rule; rule by many
  2. Oligarchy
    Rule by the few, where a minority group holds power over a majority, as in an aristocracy or a clerical estamblishment
  3. Monarchy
    Rule by the one, where power rests in the hands of a king or queen.
  4. Direct Democracy
    A for of political decision making in which the public business is decided by all citizens meeting in small assemblies
  5. representative democracy
    indirect democracy, in which the peple rule through elected representatives.
  6. Popular sovereignity
    the basic principal of democracy that the pepel are the ultimate source of goverment authority and of the policies that governement leaders make.
  7. Majority rule
    the form of political desicion making in which policies are decided on the basis of what a majority of the people want
  8. Political quality
    the principle that says that each person carries equal weight in the conduct of the public business
  9. civil rights
    guarantees by government of equal citizenship to all social groups
  10. Political Liberty
    the principles that citizens in a democracy are protected from government interference in the expericeis of a range of basic freedoms, such as the freedoms of speech, association and conscience.
  11. Social Contract
    the idea that government is the result of and agreemnet among people to form one, and the peple have the right to create and entirely new government if the terms of the contract have been violated by the exisiting one.
  12. Liberal Democracy
    representative democracy characterized by popular sovereignty, liberty, and political equality
  13. Majority Tyranny
    supression of the rights and liberities of a miniorty by the majority
  14. Jim Crow
    Popular term for the system of legally sanctioned racial segregation that existed in the American South until the middle of the twentieth century
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