US History The cold war

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  1. What did roosevelt believe about world peace?
    He and his advisors thought that econimic growth woiuld help ensure that the world stayed at peace.
  2. The Yalta Conference (post war)
    • a meeting of roosevelt, chruchhill, and stalin at Yalta ( a soviet resort on the black sea)
    • Although the conference went well some agreements made would later become key in causing the cold war.
  3. What compromise was made over Poland?
    They recognized that Poland has a communist government set up by the soviets; stalin agreed that members of the old government could remain, and that free election would take place
  4. What decleration was created at the meeting at yalta?
    The declaration of liberated europe, which gave people the right to choose their form of government.
  5. What did the Yalta Conference decide (germany wise)?
    It was decided that germany and berlin into four zones, with great britian, the US, the soviet union, and france each controlling a zone; it was also agreed that germany would pay reperations.
  6. How did the agreements made a yalta withstand the test of time?
    The Soviets did not keep their part of the deal, around the same time that Roosevelt died and Truman becomes president.
  7. What did truman do once he got into office?
    He made it clear that he would uphold the promises made at yalta.
  8. When did truman and stalin meet ?
    • In July 1945
    • berlin, to a work out a deal regarding germany. Truman was also against high reperations on germany, afraid that the economy cant recover.
  9. What did they finally agree upon?
    • That the soviet union could take reperations from their own section and some industrial equipment from all sections of germany
    • Stalin was not please with truman's proposal.
  10. What did truman use to keep the soviets at bay?
    • Turman threatned the soviets with the atomic bombs, recent success's.
    • And Stalin submitted.
  11. In what ways did the decleration of europe fail?
    • Poland, romainia, bulgaria, hungary and czech, all becme communists, and followed the soviet union.
    • Satellite nation.
  12. What is the iron curtain?
    The deviding line of the communism countries( on one side ) and the democratic contries (on the other)
  13. What did the cold war cause within America?
    It caused American's to worry about communist infiltration and atomic attack!
  14. What occurred in June 1948?
    Soviet Troops stopped all road and rail traffic to west berlin. Truman sent long range bombers with atomic weapons to bases in britains in response.
  15. What is the Berlin Airlift ?
    Truman ordered cargo planes supplied with food medicine and coal to aid the stranded berliners.This went on for eleven months untill stalin finally lifted the blockade on may 12th.
  16. What did America do due to the threat of war?
    Congress and the people supported an alliance with western europe. Known today as NATO. Which west germany was also in
  17. What is the Warsaw Pact?
    The Soviet NATO
  18. When did the Cold war spread to asia?
    when nationalists were defeated in the chinese civil war, because poor leadership lost the aid from the US.
  19. When was China (The peoples Republic ) set up?
    In october 1949. in the early 1950's china and the soviet union signed a friendship treaty (alliance).
  20. How was the UN during the time in which china was making an alliance with the soviets?
    We kept the peoples republic out of the UN and helps taiwan to retain their seats.
  21. Once America lost its ally with china what did we do?
    • we adopted policies to encourage the quick recovery of japan's industrial economy.
    • Japan is seen as a key in defending asia.
  22. The new red scare was?
    • caused by rumors and accusations of communists in the united states led to fears that communists were attempting to take over the world.
    • The red scare began in septemeber 1945, it escalted into a general fear od communist subversion (an effort to secretly weaken a society and overthrow the government)
  23. In early 1947, truman established..
    • the loyalty review program( screening of all employees)
    • The program was aimed to calm the american people.
    • Instead the program led to more fear about communists.
  24. Who was the FBI director?
    • J edgar Hoover went to the house un-american activities committee (HUAC) to urge them to hold public hearings on communist subversion.
    • Under Hoover's leadership the FBI sent agents to investigate suspected groups and to wiretap thousands of telephones.
  25. In 1948 Time magazine editor Whittaker Chambers testified..
    • to HUAC that several government officials had also been communists or spies at the time.
    • The most prominent among these was Alger Hiss.( He denied the charges and was subsequently convicted of purjury)
  26. The search for spies intensified when the soviets produced an atomic bomb, what did they find?
    They caught Julius And Ethel Rosenburg, a new york couple who were members of the communist party and were charged with a heading a soviet spy ring. Although many believed that they were not guilty, the couple was executed. in june 1953.
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