chapter 1 time management

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  1. Define time management
    Effectively using your time by setting goals and objectives to help you get the most from your resources and accomplish the mission.
  2. List three time management plans.
    The ABC Priority Method, The Pareto Principle, The Covey Time Management Matrix.
  3. Describe each plan.
    The ABC Priority Method – Make a ―To-do‖ list, prioritize all of your tasks as ―A‖, ―B‖, or ―C‖ items, perform ―A‖ items first, ―B‖ items next, and, finally, complete ―C‖ items. The Pareto Principle – 20% of items give 80% of the results. List your tasks and focus 80% of your time and effort to the 20% of your work that is most important. The Covey Matrix – Place each of your tasks into one of the four quadrants (Quadrant I = Quadrant of Reaction, Quadrant II = Quadrant of Quality, Quadrant III = Quadrant of Deception, Quadrant IV = Quadrant of Waste). Spend most of your time working in Quadrant I. Beware of Quadrants III and IV.
  4. What two steps are essential to ANY time management plan?
    Make a ―To-do‖ list. Prioritize your tasks.
  5. List several time management tools.
    Calendars, Organizers, Personal Planners, PDAs, Smart Phones.
  6. What types of items should be delegated?
    Priority ―C‖ tasks, Priority items that are urgent but not difficult.
  7. How can you take command of the telephone?
    Don‘t depend solely on messages left, No more telephone tag, Call scheduling, Work with others, Voicemail and answering machines.
  8. The ORI is only a month away and the shop is feeling the pressure. In a prior inspection, they identified numerous problems that will require a significant amount of time and resources to fix. SSgt Jones has been chosen as leader of the team to fix these problems. Monday morning, he got his team together and listed the tasks needing attention. When asked where they will start, SSgt Jones responds, "We should get as many of the easily knocked-out tasks done so the commander sees we are getting things accomplished."
    inappropriate. SSgt Jones failed to properly prioritize the tasks needed for mission accomplishment.
  9. SSgt King is a workcenter supervisor who is very concerned about her subordinates getting to their mandatory appointments on time. In order to enable them to do this, she has a calendar of all of their training and appointments on her desk, on her cell phone, and posted in the shop.
    Negatively because having multiple calendars opens her up to forgetting to update one. This could possibly cause her Airmen to miss training and become less proficient at their jobs.
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