Sociology Test 1

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  1. the significance of a sociological imagination is that
    sociology attempt to understand personal events
  2. People who are shaped by social structure are constantly reconstructing those same social structures. What word does the text use to refer to this
  3. which early theorist saw class conflict as the main source of social change?
    Karl Marx
  4. IN the classical period of sociology, ______ were rarely allowed to hold academic positions or to do sociological research, so their contributions have been neglected.
    women and minorities
  5. Which of the following are more narrowly focused efforts to explain particular social conditions or types of events?
  6. Analysis of large sclae systems and long term processes is known as
  7. Which of the following is a practical benefit of the study of sociology?
    all of the above
  8. The economic system that is directed at earning a profit for a few people, selling products to many people, and keeping
    workers’wages low is called:
  9. A variety of interpretations can be made of a scene at a restaurant where two men are having lunch together, laughing, and being playful with each other. Who among the following would most likely interpret their behavior by watching for subtle signs of affection and eye contact?
    a symbolic interactionist
  10. Early sociologists stressed the importance of science and value neutrality as a focus of sociology. More recently, theoretical frameworks have emerged that are directed at political action and not just explanation. Who among the following would most likely support the belief that sociology needs to be proactive?
    Judith Lorber
  11. How would rational choice theorists define the behavior of corporate executives who outsource many jobs to countries where the cost of labor is substantially less than in the United States?
    instrumental behavior
  12. Which of the following accurately describes the relationship between sociology and science?
    sociological research conforms to scientific methodology
  13. Max Weber contended that a bureaucratic structure is the most efficient organizational type. Which of the following exemplifies a bureaucratic organization?
    college/university you attend
  14. What is one theoretical explanation for the explosion in autism and related disorders?
    changes in ways they are diagnosed
  15. Which statement related to the origins of romantic love is true?
    all of the above
  16. Romantic love:
    shaped by social/historical forces
  17. Human societies are always in the process of:
    reconstructed by buidling blocks that compose them
  18. Which early sociologist focused on the role of religion in social life and how it maintained moral order in society?
    Emile Durkheim
  19. Marx differs from Weber in that
    Marx argues that social change is caused by economic influences as opposed to values
  20. According to Max Weber, economic factors are very important to social change in society. What other variable is involved in social change?
    ideas and values
  21. Which activist sociologist connected social analysis to social reform?
    WEB Du Bois
  22. Robert Merton advocated that sociologists should develop more modest theories that would not attempt to encompass all of society. He termed these types of theories
    middle range theories
  23. Which step in the research process may involve formulation of a definite hypothesis?
    making problem precise
  24. “The better the grades Sheri gets in school, the better paying job she is likely to get.” In this example, grades are the _________ variable and occupational income is the ________ variable.
    indep., depend.
  25. Variables that are held constant in order to test the effects of other variables are known as:
  26. Which of the following statements best reflects an advantage of fieldwork as a research method?
    all of the above
  27. Which research method would be best to use if one wanted a large, representative sample of people’s attitudes toward an issue?
  28. A ________ is a smaller proportion of a larger group selected for study
  29. What research method tests hypotheses under highly controlled conditions?
  30. Sociologists engage in historical analysis because:
    time needed to make sense of a problem
  31. The use of two or more methods of research to verify results is called:
  32. The results of sociological research often become widely known in society, thus affecting the social life sociologists study. This interaction between sociological research and human behavior is known as a ________ relation
  33. If you add all the numbers in a series of data, then divide by the number of cases, you have calculated the:
  34. What does “activities in a public bathroom are socially constructed” mean?
    depends of occupants of bathroom
  35. Which of the following is an example of the social construction of bathroom behavior?
    all of the above
  36. Before researchers publish their findings, they need to:
    all of the above
  37. The 55-mph speed limit was introduced in the United States in 1973. Shortly thereafter the number of auto accidents declined. We can conclude that:
    may have contributed to the decline in # of automobile accidents
  38. What kind of research method would be best suited if you were hired by a real estate company to learn how the residents in a gated community feel about racial desegregation?
    surveys and interviews
  39. Which of the following methods could be used by sociologists to study homeless people?
    all of the above
  40. Who said “men make their own history . . . but they do not make it under conditions of their own choice”?
    C Wright Mills
  41. How did C. Wright Mills bring the sociological imagination to the American public?
    plain everyday language to explain complex ideas
  42. Factual investigations are based on the premise that:
    data are empirical
  43. The strongest sociological research begins with problems that:
  44. Puzzle-solving research attempts to:
    illuminates why events happen as they do
  45. The stage at which sociological researchers may formulate hypotheses is when they are:
    formulate research problem
  46. Recently social scientists using participant observation have written about how their race, class, gender, and sexual orientation:
    affect their research due to power differences
  47. Using participant observation in the sociological research process involves:
    gaining trust and confidence in members of group
  48. All sociological research imposes some sort of:
    dilemmas that could have negative effects on subjects involved
  49. American universities require a review of all research that involves human subjects. This has had an effect on sociological research in what way?
    more atuned to ethical dilemmas encountered when using humans as subjects in research
  50. The scientific study of culture in sociology began with ________ in the nineteenth century
  51. Early sociology and anthropology were:
    biased towaards beliefs and values of Europeans
  52. A helpful image describing culture is that of:
    all of the above
  53. Society is:
    system of interrelationships that connect individuals
  54. Sociobiologists believe:
    reproduction strategy shapes relations between sexes
  55. When it comes to the relationship between nature and nurture in human behavior, sociologists believe that:
    nature and nurture interact
  56. The Nacirema, subjects of Horace Miner’s famous essay on body rituals, are:
  57. Judging other cultures by the standards of one’s own is known as:
  58. Assessing a society by its own cultural standards is known as:
    cultural reletavism
  59. Features that are found in virtually all societies are called
    cultural universalism
  60. Which of the following is a signifier?
    all of the above
  61. ________ societies relied mainly on domesticated animals, while ________ societies grew crops for their livelihood.
    pastoral, agrarian
  62. Which type of society is more settled and tends to have more material possessions?
  63. Most of the traditional civilizations were ________, developed through conquest and incorporation of other societies.
  64. The central process shaping the social geography of the modern world was:
  65. Why are industrialized countries often referred to as the North, and the developing countries referred to as the South?
    situated south of US
  66. Smaller segments of a society with their own unique patterns of behavior are called:
  67. Which of the following best explains why different groups of people created different cultures?
    learn to adapt to surroundings
  68. From a comfortable chair in a sociology class, it may be easy to ignore the world’s impoverished people. Why should global poverty be a concern of a typical American student?
    immigrants from poor countries
  69. According to your text, the practice of horticulture
    all of the above
  70. Select which answer is NOT associated with industrialization.
  71. Select the attribute that is NOT considered part of developing countries
    stable borders
  72. Select the attribute that is NOT associated with a global culture.
  73. According to your text, the world has become a single social system reinforced by continually growing economic and social ties. Because of this, sociologists understand globalization to:
    reorder time and distance in social lives
  74. When parents remind their children they should not chew with their mouths open, the parents are engaging in the process of:
  75. Which of the following best describes such cases as the “wild boy of Aveyron” and Genie?____ the tendency of adults to ignore their ongoing socialization
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