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Romanian Feminine Definite Article

Romanian The Feminine Definite Article
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  1. The Definite Article
    The definite article (the) in Romanian is attached to the end of the noun.
    Unlike English, which has only one definite article “the", Romanian has 4 definite articles:
    ?, ? (masculine/neuter singular)
    ?, ? (feminine singular)
    ? (masculine plural)
    ? (feminine/neuter plural)
    • Articolul hotărât:
    • -ul, -le (masculine/neuter singular)
    • -ia, -ua (feminine singular)
    • -i (masculine plural)
    • -le (feminine/neuter plural)
  2. 1. -a (feminine singular)
    a. Substitute -a if ending in a (?)
    b. Fată (girl) becomes what?
    c. Studentă becomes what?
    • a. (ă)
    • b. Fata (The girl)
    • c. Studenta
  3. 2. -a (feminine singular)
    a. Added after a (?)
    b. Mâncare (food) becomes what?
    • a. (e)
    • b. Mâncarea (The food)
  4. 3. -ia (feminine singular)
    a. Substitute -ia if ending in a (?)
    b. Femeie (woman) becomes what?
    • a. (ie)
    • b. Femeia (The woman)
  5. 4. -ua (feminine singular)
    a. Added after an (?), (?), or (?)
    b. Pijama (pajamas) becomes what?
    c. Cafea (coffee) becomes what?
    d. Tanti (food) becomes what?
    • a. (-a) (-ea) or (-i)
    • b. Pijamaua (The pajamas)
    • c. Cafeaua (The coffee)
    • d. Tantiua (The aunt)
  6. 5. -le (feminine plural)
    a. Added after an (?) or (?)
    b. Femei (women) becomes what?
    c. Fete (girls) becomes what?
    d. Portocale (oranges) becomes what?
    • a. (e) or (i)
    • b. Femeile (the women)
    • c. Fetele (the girls)
    • d. Portocalele (the oranges)
  7. The feminine nouns in -i designating days of the week have the following forms with the definite article:
    1. luni
    2. marţi
    3. miercuri
    4. vineri
    5. joi
    • 1. lunea (the monday)
    • 2. marţea (the tuesday)
    • 3. miercurea (the wednesday)
    • 4. vinerea (the thursday)
    • 5. joia (the friday)