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  1. Why is it often procedures or exams done on the farm?
    • animals are large
    • transportation is a challenge
    • Ambularory vet
  2. What kind of problems occur in large animal medicine?
    • Often too expensive to treat
    • disease treatable
    • not economically feasible for farmer/owner
    • Owners often treat animals themselves
  3. More mistakes are made by ___ _______ than by ___ _____.
    More mistakes are made by not looking than by not knowing.
  4. What are the goals of large animal medicine?
    • to provide treatment and control
    • share prognosis with client
    • *if prognosis is bad the animal might be euthanized
  5. What is the difference between complete exam and problem oriented exam?
    • In complete exam you check everything.
    • In problem oriented exam you are more focused, more limited, combine with differential diagnosis, common with re-check
  6. What are the principles of clinical examination?
    • Owners complaint
    • signalment
    • history
    • observation (environment and patient)
    • Hand on (safety, haltering, and leading)
    • Restraint or sedation
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