Sublist2 Academic world list.

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  1. Distinction
    • dis‧tinc‧tion1difference [uncountable and countable] a clear difference or separation between two similar things
    • Различие
  2. Elements
    • el‧e‧ment [countable]1part one part or feature of a whole system, plan, piece of work etc, especially one that is basic or important
    • Элементы
  3. Equation
    • e‧qua‧tion1 [countable] a statement in mathematics that shows that two amounts or totals are equal:
    • Уравнение
  4. Evaluation
    • e‧val‧u‧a‧tion [uncountable and countable] a judgment about how good, useful, or successful something is
    • Оценка
  5. Features
    • fea‧ture [countable]1 a part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical:
    • Особенности
  6. Final
    • fi‧nal1 [only before noun] last in a series of actions, events, parts of a story
    • Окончательный
  7. Focus
    • fo‧cus past tense and past participle focused or focussed, present participle focusing or focussing1give attention to something [intransitive and transitive] to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this
    • Сфокусировать
  8. Impact
    • im‧pact1 [countable] the effect or influence that an event, situation etc has on someone or something
    • Влияние
  9. Injury
    • in‧ju‧ry plural injuries1 [uncountable and countable] a wound or damage to part of your body caused by an accident or attack
    • Повреждение
  10. Institute
    • in‧sti‧tute [countable] an
    • organization that has a particular purpose such as scientific or
    • educational work, or the building where this organization is based [↪ academy]:
    • Институт
  11. Investment
    • in‧vest‧ment1 [uncountable and countable] the use of money to get a profit or to make a business activity successful, or the money that is used
    • Инвестиции
  12. Items
    • i‧tem1 [countable] a single thing, especially one thing in a list, group, or set of things:
    • Товары
  13. Journal
    • jour‧nal [countable]1 a serious magazine produced for professional people or those with a particular interest:
    • Журнал
  14. Maintenance
    • main‧te‧nance [uncountable]1 the repairs, painting etc that are necessary to keep something in good condition:
    • Обслуживание
  15. Normal
    • nor‧mal1 usual, typical, or expected: A normal working week is 40 hours.
    • Нормальный
  16. Obtained
    • ob‧tain formal1 [transitive] to get something that you want, especially through your own effort, skill, or work
    • Полученный
  17. Participation
    • par‧ti‧ci‧pa‧tion [uncountable] the act of taking part in an activity or event:
    • Участие
  18. Perceived
    • per‧ceive [transitive not in progressive]1 written to understand or think of something or someone in a particular way [↪ perception]
    • Воспринимаемая
  19. Positive
    • pos‧i‧tive1attitude if
    • you are positive about things, you are hopeful and confident, and think
    • about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad
    • Положительный
  20. Potential
    • po‧ten‧tial [only before noun] likely to develop into a particular type of person or thing in the future
    • Потенциал
  21. Previous
    • pre‧vi‧ous1 [only before noun] having happened or existed before the event, time, or thing that you are talking about now:
    • Предыдущий
  22. Primary
    • pri‧ma‧ry1 [usually before noun] most important
    • Первичный
  23. Purchase
    • pur‧chase [transitive] formal to buy something:
    • Купить
  24. Range
    • range1variety of things/people [countable usually singular] a number of people or things that are all different, but are all of the same general type
    • Диапазон
  25. Region
    • re‧gion [countable]1 a large area of a country or of the world, usually without exact limits
    • Регион
  26. Regulations
    • reg‧u‧la‧tion1 [countable] an official rule or order:
    • Правила
  27. Relevant
    • rel‧e‧vant directly relating to the subject or problem being discussed or considered
    • Соответствующая
  28. Resident
    • res‧i‧dent [countable]1 someone who lives or stays in a particular place
    • Резидент
  29. Resources
    • re‧source1land/oil/coal etc [countable usually plural] something such as useful land, or minerals such as oil or coal, that exists in a country and can be used to increase its wealth:
    • Ресурсы
  30. Restricted
    • re‧strict‧ed1 small or limited in size, area, or amount:
    • Ограниченный
  31. Security
    • se‧cu‧ri‧ty1protection from danger [uncountable] things that are done to keep a person, building, or country safe from danger or crime
    • Безопасность
  32. Sought
    • seek past tense and past participle sought [transitive]1 formal to try to achieve or get something:
    • Стремились
  33. Select
    • se‧lect [transitive] to choose something or someone by thinking carefully about which is the best, most suitable etc
    • Выбирать
  34. Site
    • site [countable]1 a place where something important or interesting happened:
    • Сайт
  35. Strategies
    • trat‧e‧gy plural strategies1 [countable] a planned series of actions for achieving something
    • Стратегии
  36. Survey
    • sur‧vey [countable]1 a set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour
    • Обзор
  37. Text
    • ext1 [uncountable] any written material:
    • Текст
  38. Traditional
    • tra‧di‧tion‧al1 being part of the traditions of a country or group of people
    • Традиционный
  39. Transfer
    • trans‧fer past tense and past participle transferred, present participle transferring1move to different place etc [intransitive and transitive] to move from one place, school, job etc to another, or to make someone do this, especially within the same organization
    • Перевод
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