Essential elements in plants

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  1. Nitrogen (functions) (3)
    part of proteins, nucleic acids, chlorophyll
  2. Nitrogen (deficiency symptoms) (2)
    loss of color in leaves, occurs first on the oldest ones
  3. Potassium (functions) (1)
    activates enzymes, concentrates in meristems
  4. Potassium (deficiency) (2)
    -yellowing of leaves

    -lower leaves often browned at tip
  5. Calcium (functions) (1)
    involved in movement of substances through cell membranes
  6. Calcium (deficiency) (3)
    -terminal buds dead

    -roots dead or dying

    -tips and margins of leaves withered
  7. Phosphorous (functions) (1)
    necessary for respiration and cell division
  8. Phosphorous (deficiency) (3)
    -plants stunted

    -leaves darker green than usual

    -lower leaves often purplish in veins
  9. Magnesium (functions) (2)
    part of the chlorophyll molecule

    -activates enzymes
  10. Magnesium (deficiency) (3)
    -veins of leaves green but yellow between them

    -dead spots appearing

    -leaf margins curling
  11. Sulfur (functions)
    part of some amino acids
  12. Sulfur (deficiency) (2)
    -leaves pale green with dead spots

    -veins lighter in color than the rest of the leaf
  13. Iron (function)
    -needed to make chlorophyll and in respiration
  14. Iron (deficiency)
    -larger veins remaining green while rest of leaf yellows, mainly in young leaves
  15. Manganese (functions)
    activates some enzymes
  16. Manganese (deficiency)
    dead spots scattered over leaf surface
  17. Boron
    influences utilization of calcium ions
  18. Boron (deficiency)
    petioles and stems brittle

    -bases of young leaves break down
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