chapter 3 Fit to Lead

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  1. Define wellness.
    Wellness is identified as a complete advancement towards treating the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. It‘s a condition resulting from incorporating a system of individual programs into your life.
  2. List the four dimensions of wellness
    Social Emotional Spiritual Physical
  3. Define the four dimensions of wellness
    • Social dimension deals with your network of friends and personal relationships with those you care about.
    • Emotional dimension refers to building an awareness of and accepting your feelings and moods.
    • Spiritual dimension is that within us which motivates us in life and gives us strength and resiliency.
    • Physical dimension refers to weight control, a balanced and healthy diet, appearance, self image, and exercise.
  4. Explain why being totally fit impacts mission accomplishment
    Having a well-rounded perspective of fitness socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically increases your ability to influence and lead your subordinates.
  5. Describe the purpose of the Air Force Fitness Program
    The purpose is to motivate all members to participate in a year-round physical conditioning program that emphasizes total fitness to include proper aerobic conditioning, strength/flexibility training, and healthy eating.
  6. List 5 key players of the Air Force Fitness Program
    Five Key Players of the Air Force Fitness Program are: Fitness Assessment Cell Unit Fitness Program Manager Immediate Supervisor Physical Training Leader Individual
  7. Define the Fitness Improvement Program
    The Fitness Improvement Program is a unit-based or fitness center-based program that all members receiving an ―Unsatisfactory‖ fitness score are required to attend. consist of supervised or monitored exercises, documented exercise participation and monthley follow-up appointments at the HAWC
  8. Define the Healthy Living Program
    The Healthy Living Program targets nutritional and exercise behavior changes to improve the members‘ health and fitness. it requires you to attend 10 days after receiving an unsatifactory score.
  9. List the factors of proper weight management
    The factors of proper weight management are: Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Flexibility and Body Composition
  10. List the four basic eating rules
    The four basic eating rules are: Eat small frequent meals. Eat every 3-4 hours (3 meals per day minimum). Eat as soon as possible after exercise. Consume a variety of foods.
  11. Give an example of how not eating frequently throughout the day may affect you.
    It may affect you by: Slow metabolism Overeating Reduce physical performance (ex. slow run time, decrease push-up/sit-up repetitions) Reduce mental performance (ex. reduce attentiveness to task accomplishment, attention to detail, and concentration levels)
  12. Give an example of a behavior not recommended to achieve optimal fitness
    In order to achieve optimal fitness, you shouldn‘t: Weigh yourself daily, Use diuretics or laxatives, Spend an excessive amount of time in saunas, Participate in extremely low calorie diets
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