chapter 13 trig

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  1. cosine sine tangent cosecant secant cotangent
    the ratios of a right triangles 3 sides
  2. solving a right triangle
    find all sides and all angle measures
  3. angle of elevation
    the angle an object moving upward makes
  4. angle of depression
    the angle an object moving downward creates
  5. initial side
    the starting point for an angle
  6. terminal side
    the end line of an angle
  7. standard position
    an angle in which both sides are positive is in standard position
  8. coterminal
    two angles in standard position are coterminal
  9. sector
    a region of a circle bound by two radii
  10. center angle
    angle formed by two radii
  11. quadrantal angle
    the terminal side of the angle lands on an axis
  12. reference angle
    always acute, always positive, formed by the terminal side.
  13. inverse sine
    sin -1
  14. inverse cosine
  15. inverse tangent
  16. law of sines
    how to solve for a triangle that gives you 2 angles and any side, two sides and an angle opposite, three sides, two sides and an included angle.
  17. law of cosines
    how to solve for a triangle which gives two sides and an angle
  18. parametric equations
    a pair of equations that expressed x and y in terms of a third variable, t.
  19. parameter
    t in a parametric equation is the parameter
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