PHILO 101 - 4

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  1. Temperance
    the indifference to both the presence and absence of material pleasures
  2. Incontinence
    lack of self-control, especially concerning passions and appetites
  3. Paradigmatic Individual
    special class of teachers, philosophers, and religious figures whose nature becomes a standard by which a culture judges the "ideal" human being
  4. Socratic Method/ Socratic Dialectic
    question-and-answer technique used by Socrates to draw truth out of his pupils, often by means of achieving a clearer, more precise definition of a key term or concept
  5. Irony
    communication on at laest 2 levels, a literal/obvious level and a hidden/real level
  6. Psyche
    Greek: "soul"

    combination of mind and soul, including capacity for reflective thinking
  7. Virtue
    Greek: "arete"

    "that at which something excels"/"excellence of function"
  8. Intellectualism
    term used to refer to the claim that behavior is always conrolled by beliefs about what is good and the means to that good
  9. techne

    term for practical knowledge of how to do things
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