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  1. In Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper, court officials choosing between two boys whose appearance and behaviors are identical seek out the one whose ______ is that of the prince
    inner identity
  2. Carl tends to act on whims. He has no stable set of beliefs, no coherent plans for his future, and is not attempting to develop any. He just sort of "lives for the moment" He is best described as having an identity status of
    identity diffusion
  3. The identity status that describes individuals who have adopted a comitment to a set of beliefs or course of action without undergoing an identity crisis is
    identity foreclosure
  4. According to the text, the parents of boys with high self esteem were _______ demanding and ______ involved in their lives
    more, highly
  5. Carl believes the sae religious beliefs as his parents and generally "follows the crowd" without seriously questioning his personal attitudes or course of action. He is best described as being in the identity status of
    identity foreclosure
  6. Denial of privileges to a person or grouop on the basis of negative stereotypes is knownn as
  7. The discrepancy between the way you see yourself and what you think you ought to be is your
  8. When people like us, they are likely to
    lean forward and face us
  9. According to Marcia, it is possible to classify the identity status of the individual according to the presence of
    a crisis and comitment
  10. Jim believes that all people who do not follow his religion are depraved sinners who will never go to heaven. His belief about religion is an example of a(n)
  11. The process by which people draw inferencs about the motives and traits of others is called the
    attributional process
  12. After just saying how the world is full of "insensitive jerks" who deliberately hurt people, Joe excuses his own rude bahavior because he was late and "had a lot of problems" to deal with. Joe's cinnebts reflect
    the actor-observer effect
  13. In a study in which men and women were ased to gaze into each others' eyes for two minutes, they reported
    having passionate feelings toward one another
  14. The degree to which you believe your efforts will bring about a positive outcome is your
    sekf efficacy expectancies
  15. The person you think you ought to be is known as your ________ self
  16. The self serving bias is
    more common in Western cultures than Eastern cultures
  17. Erik Erikson believed that ______ important to a woman's identity
    development of interpersonal relationships was most
  18. Which of the following is NOT discussed in your text as one of the parts of the self?
    the psychological self
  19. Greenbaum and Rosenfeld's 1978 study found that drivers who were recipients of hard stares from a man seated near an intersection
    drove off more rapidly than drivers who did not receive the stares
  20. Such activities as enhancing your social or vocational skills would fall under which method of raising your self-esteem according to your text?
    expanding your competencies
  21. Which of the following groups is LEAST likely to be satisfied with their physical selves
    European American women
  22. Although Jason tends to goof off at his job most of the year, he always works extremely hard to impress his boss during the 6 weeks before his annual evaluation. He is apparently trying to take advantage of
    recency effect
  23. Adolescents from ethnic minority groups are often faced with sorting through ________ of cultural values
    at least two sets
  24. In high school, "staring contests" among adolescent males are seen as
    assertions of dominance
  25. Focusing on parts of the body that we can change rather than the parts that cannot be changed falls under which method of raising self-esteem
    substiuting real, attainable foals for unattainable goals
  26. According to your text, parents of boys with high self-esteem were likely to be
    strict, but not harsh or cruel
  27. The identity status that describes individuals who have neither arrived at a commitment nor experienced an identity crises is
    identity diffusion
  28. According to the text, roles and masks are ____ responses to the social world.
  29. Researchers have found that waitresses who tough customers' arm are likely to receive _____ tips
  30. Prejudice is a ______ schema
  31. The actor-observer effect infuences our perceptions of
    both ingroups and outgroups
  32. People in the identity status of ________ tend to carefully evaluate their values, attitudes, feelings, and possibilities that are open to them
    identity moratorium
  33. Which of the followingis NOT one of the ways recommended by your text for raising your self-esteem
    increase the standards of your ideal self
  34. Self esteem tends to
    rise throughout much of adulthood before declining sharply in old ages
  35. Self esteem basically depends on the differences between our self-concept and our ___
    ideal self
  36. Waterman & Nevid's research found that among college students, the highest incidence of identity diffusion was in
    political ideology
  37. Which of the following is NOT true of names?
    unusual names seem linked to popularity in childhood and adolescence
  38. An attitude toward a group, which leads people to negatively evaluate individual members of that group on the basis of racial, sexual, ethnic, or other features is called ____
  39. Eliminating perfectionistic demands falls under which method of raising self-esteem?
    challenging the tyranny of "oughts" and "shoulds"
  40. Mary is confused. She is intensely examining various alternatives on issues that are important to her and her future. Should she get married or not, go to graduate school or get a full-time job, or become active in the local environmental group? She is best described as having an identity status of
    identity moratorium
  41. ________ give rise to persoal goals and tend to place limits on the means used to obtain those goals.
  42. The part of a person's self that is visible to that person and to that person alone and represents the person's inner identity is called the _____
    personal self
  43. In Bulgaria, people shake their heads up and down to signal
  44. Each of the following is true EXCEPT
    Stereotypes have no element of truth to them
  45. Our first impressions of others cause us to form ______ schemas
  46. To Rogers, the sense of self is
  47. Prejudices about a group of people that can lead us to precess information about members of these grouops in a biased fashion are called
  48. The belief that a person or group, on the basis of assumed racial, ethnic, sexual, or other features, will possess negative characteristics or perform inadequately is called
  49. Social roles and masks
    are usually an effort to hide our real personalities due to feelings of inadequacy or inferiority
  50. The "what have you done for me lately" attitude used by many managers when rating their employees is an example of the
    actor-observer effect
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