Gluteal Region and Thigh

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  1. What forms the pelvic girdle?
    • formed by 2 hip bones.
    • Joined in front at pubic symphysis
    • Separated behind by the upper part of the sacrum at the sacroiliac joint.
  2. What makes up the bony pelvis?
    pelvic girdle and sacrum together
  3. What makes up hip joint?
    • Acetabulum = Deep cup-shaped fossa on the lateral surface near the middle of the hip bone
    • Rounded head of the femur
  4. Obturator foramen
    • Triangular gap below and in front of the acetabulum.
    • Closed by obturator membrane besides where vessels enter (obturator canal)
  5. Obturator canal
    Anterosuperior portion of obturator membrane, where the obturator vessels and nerve leave the pelvis and enter the thigh
  6. Hip bone consist of what?
    ilium, ischium, and pubis
  7. Where are the 3 bones fused in the adult hip?
    at the acetabulum
  8. Ilium
    fan shaped, consists of a body, forms upper part of the acetabulum, and wing or ala, forms the upper, expanded part of the hip bone
  9. Iliac crest
    • Upper border of the wing that can be palpated in its entire extent.
    • Ends anteriorly at the ASIS and POST at the PSIS
  10. Gluteal surface of ilium
    faces backwards and laterally marked by
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