Vocab 17 & 18

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  1. Deplore
    • a. To explore strong disapproval of; to condemn
    • b. To express grief over; to regret
  2. Disconsolate
    Incapable of being comforted; hopelessly dejected or sad
  3. Domineering
    Ruling or controlling arrogantly; overbearing; tyranicallly
  4. Halcyon
    • a. Calm and peaceful; tranquil
    • b. Prosperous; golden
  5. Iachrymose
    Tending to produce tears; tearful; inclined to weep
  6. Mercurial
    • a. Quick and changeable in temperament; volatile
    • b. Having characteristics similar to those of the god Mercury
  7. Revel
    • a. To take great pleasure or delight in something
    • b. To make merry; to celebrate
  8. Sanguine
    • a. Of the color of blood: red: ruddy
    • b. Cheerfully confident and optimistic
  9. Tirade
    A long, angry or violent speech
  10. Vex
    • a. To irk, irritate, annoy, or bother
    • b. To bring distress or suffering to; to plague or affect
    • c. To puzzle or baffle
  11. Commodious
    Spacious and roomy
  12. Finite
    Limited; having an ending or a boundary
  13. Gamut
    The complete range or extent of something
  14. Incalculable
    Very great; beyond measurement
  15. Iota
    A tiny bit; an extremely small amount
  16. Lofty
    • a. Of great height; towering
    • b. Elevated and noble in character
    • c. Arrogant; haughty; pompous
  17. Miniscule
    Very small; tiny
  18. Picayune
    Of little value or importance; paltry; trivial
  19. Vestige
    A visible trace, evidence, or sign of something that no longer exists
  20. Wane
    • a. To decrease; to diminish in power or size; to near an end
    • b. The act or process of declining or diminishing
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