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  1. We see car headlights SR, hear cars arriving, braking doors slamming….
    • She’s coming BUGSY… i
    • Is she alone?
  2. Bugsy; Yep looks like Madison May and her driver
    • Good,
    • Looney get ready ,
    • Looney Looney??
    • (calling into the SR wings)
  3. Looney doesn’t seem to be getting the message at all..Fat Sam pats his cheek as if waking him up and finally he pushes Looney towards a tree…
    • Keep outa sight Looney,
    • keep your head down
    • and wait until I call for you, right?
    • Behind that tree….
  4. Looney doesn’t seem to be getting the message at all..Fat Sam pats his cheek as if waking him up and finally he pushes Looney towards a tree…Bugsy stretches out
    an arm and pushes him in … Just as Madison
    May walks in from SL They meet centre stage during this conversation the 2 never engage eye contact

    MM; what can I do for you for Sam?
    How about a small doze of straight talkin Madison?
  5. MM; Suits me Sam
    You’ve been taking a few liberties May
  6. MM; I’ve been taking what’s owin me Sam
    • Trouble is Madison
    • What’you think is owin you,
    • belongs to me
  7. MM: Well I guess that
    is just too bad honey ….possession is 9 tenths of the law
    • (looks towards her for the first time)
    • Now hang on May…
    • I’m sure we can discuss this like mature adults..
    • we’ve been at this game a long time
    • you and me….
    • after all we are both business men
  8. MM;
    (confronts Sam directly for the first time and smiles
    No Sam, I’m a business woman
    and you? …you are a a dime a dozen gangster
    • Now button your lip lady,
    • I don’t like your mouth…
    • I demand some respect
  9. MM; Respect? You?
    You’d slit your own throat for two dollars plus tax
    • Quit with the wise cracks
    • you dumb dame
    • and let’s talk serious
    • I have my position to think about
  10. MM: Right now your
    position ain’t worth a plug nickel
    • (in a James CAGNEY VOICE)
    You been watching too many movies Sam
    • OK that’s it…
    • Looney,
    • let her have it!
  12. Looney slowly appears from behind a tree but looking dazed an vacant as MM shouts for help
    MM Belle , lulu exactly as I suspected as we’ve got a doublecross situation
    The gang appear from behind the other trees with their
    weapons and kill Looney who remains on his feet rigid
    Bugsy leaps out, grabs Sam’s arm and drags him off stage right
    Bugsy; time to get out here Mr Stacetto!
    • Sam and Bugsy return to the stage left as MM Boobs and Belle exit S right in pursuit
    • (Fat Sam he is out of breath)
    • You did great there Bugsy
    • great…here’s your 200 bucks and another 100
    • for your quick thinking…
    • I knew we’d be OK
    • with a few brains in the outfit
  13. Bugsy; thanks Mr Stachetto
    • Treat yourself to a new suit ?..
    • this… laundry sack you’re wearing
    • should be trashed…
    • Here's the name of my tailor
  14. Bugsy; Gee thanks Mr Stachetto
    • (As he exits USR)
    • My pleasure
    • Think nothing of it, my boy,
    • Think nothing of it
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