GMAT Quant Review

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  1. On HARD problems, avoid answers that are:
    Numbers already presented in the problem
  2. Medium problems almost always require ________
    two or more steps
  3. If a quadratic equation is shown in factored form:
    distribute it immediately
  4. Ff a quadratic equation is shown in distributed form:
    factor it immediately
  5. "SUM"
    The result of addition
  6. "Difference"
    The result of subtraction
  7. "Product"
    The result of multipication
  8. "Quotient"
    The result of division
  9. P E M D A S
    Parenthesis - Exponents - Multiplication - Division - Addition - Subtraction
  10. Associcative Law:
    When adding or multiplying a series of #'s, they can be grouped and upground in anyway
  11. WHen dealing with propotion and ratios, always think of what to concepts:
    Image Upload & what's left over
  12. Whenever possible, convert decimels to fractions...
    0.2 =
    Image Upload
  13. 0.25 =
    Image Upload
  14. 0.33333 =
    Image Upload
  15. 0.4 =
    Image Upload
  16. 0.6 =
    Image Upload
  17. 0.66666
    Image Upload
  18. 0.75 =
    Image Upload
  19. 0.8 =
    Image Upload
  20. Trick to multiplication with decimels:
    remove, multiply, and move decimel back total spaces
  21. Trick to dividing with fractions:
    Convert divisor into whole number, move decimel of dividend an equal number of spaces.
  22. Ratios are be expressed in ways:
    Part to ______ &
    Part to ______
    Image Upload & Image Upload
  23. Formula for Mixed Groups:

    Group 1 +_____ - _____ + _______ = Total
    Group 1 + Group 2 - Both + Neither = Total
  24. Median, if n is odd,:
    Middle most number
  25. Median, if n is even,:
    SUM of middle two number, divided by 2
  26. Range of a series
    Largest value - smallest value
  27. Mode of a series
    number that occurs most frequently
  28. Laws of exponents:
    Multiply with the same base: Image Upload
    Exponents can be added: Image Upload
  29. Laws of exponents:
    Dividing with the same base: Image Upload
    Subtract the exponents: Image Upload=Image Upload
  30. Laws of exponents:
    Raising Power to Power: Image Upload
    Multiply the exponents: Image Upload
  31. Law of Exponents:
    Distributing Exponents: Image Upload
    Exponent outside parenthesis must be distributed to applied to all number within: (4)^2(y)^2=16y^2Image Upload
  32. Laws of Exponents:
    Does Image Upload
  33. Laws of Exponents:
    Does Image Upload
  34. Laws of Exponents:
    When items are included in parenthesis and in a fraction:
    Image Upload
    NO, because of the parenthesis
  35. Laws of Exponents:
    If you raise a positive fraction less than 1 to a power....
    it gets smaller Image Upload
  36. Laws of Exponents:
    If you raise a negative number to an odd power....
    it gets smaller Image Upload
  37. Laws of Exponents:
    Any number is a negative power is equal to...
    it's reciprocal Image Upload
  38. Laws of Radicals:
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  39. Laws of radicals:
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  40. When pluggin in values, always start answer checking at:
    A, then Try E, and narrow in from there
  41. When pluggin in, always ask yourself:
    What number make this problem easy for me?
  42. When pluggin in:
    If question contains hours and days:
    Choose 24 as a plug
  43. When plugging in:
    If question contains minutes and hours:
    Choose 60 as a plug value
  44. When pluggin in:
    If question deals with %'s
    Choose 100 is almost always convenient
  45. When pluggin in values contained in the answer:
    Start with 'C', and depending if outcome needs to be higher or lower, eliminate answers
  46. Pluggin in:
    "MUST BE/COULE BE" questions, 2 rules of thumb:
    • May need to use more than one plug value to test expression
    • Attempt to use werid values, such as 1 and 0
  47. Quadratic Equations to memorize:
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  48. Quadratic Equations to memorize:
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  49. Equation fro rate, time, and distance questions:
    • Image Upload
    • ***Can be manipulated to solve for any values of r,d,&t
  50. Trick for WORK problems:
    • How much work can be done in one unit of time
    • set up in fractional form
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