Depilation Review

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  1. Which of the following is a contra-indication to depilatory waxing?
    a) ephelides
    b) terminal hairs
    c) varicose veins
    d) vellus hairs
    Varicose veins
  2. What is the working temperature of warm wax?
    a) 68C
    b) 60C
    c) 53C
    d) 43C
  3. What action would you take if the hair in the area being treated with hot wax does not come out?
    a) tweeze the remianing hairs
    b) re-wax the area immediately
    c) heat the wax more before re-waxing the area
    d) use a depilatory cream on the area
    Tweeze the remaining hairs
  4. Hair growing back in a stubble is often the result of using which of the following hair removal methods?
    a) waxing
    b) shaving
    c) electrolysis
    d) short wave diathermy
  5. Which of the follwing is a permanent method of hair removal?
    a) warm waxing
    b) hot waxing
    c) shaving
    d) electrical epilation
    Electrical epilation
  6. Hot wax is particularly effective for removing:
    a) vellus hair
    b) terminal hair
    c) lanugo hair
    d) hair stubble
    Terminal Hair
  7. Hot wax is applied:
    a) against the hair growth
    b) in the direction of the hair growth
    c) in both directions

    d) in any direction

    Against the hair growth
  8. After a depilatory wax treatment sunbathingshould be avoided for:
    a) 4-6 hours
    b) 8-10 hours
    c) 10-12 hours
    d) 24-48 hours
    24-48 hours
  9. The hair re-growth after a depilatory wax treatment is:
    a) coarse + sharp
    b) coarse + blunt
    c) tapered + soft
    d) tapered + sharp
    Tapered + soft
  10. Prior to a depilatory wax treatment, the wax should be tested on:
    a) the client's wrist
    b) the therapist's wrist
    c) the client's leg
    d) the therapist's leg
    The therapist's wrist
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