HST 163 Terms 2

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HST 163 Terms 2
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Latin American Terms

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  1. The Mexica
    AKA the Aztecs became the most powerful state in Mesoamerica by the early 16th century
  2. Nahua/Nahuatl
    the people living around the Valley of Mexico and the language that they spoke
  3. Technochtitlan
    • the most pwerful city of the Mexica
    • an island that they made larger
    • today it is Mexico City
  4. The Inca
    • large empire taking shape in the Andes in South America
    • Inca ruled Tawantinsuyu "The Land of the Four Quarters"
  5. Quechua
    language of the Incas of Cuzco
  6. Cuzco
    the largest/main city of the Inca empire
  7. Taino/Caribs
    • most numerous of the Carribbean people
    • Taino - peaceful people
    • Caribs - warlike
    • located int he Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica
  8. Tupi
    • Natives of coastal Brazil
    • slah and burn agriculture
    • patrilineal
    • aggressive people
  9. The Iberian Peninsula
    • Spain and Portugal took over and began wondering what was across the ocean
    • devastating affect on people of the Americas
    • taken over by Muslims from the Christians
  10. Reconquista
    a centuries-long process by which the Christians began to wrestle control of the Iberian Peninsula fromt he Muslims
  11. Castile
    • Spainish kingdon built during the Reconquista
    • Queen Isabella came to power
  12. Portugal
    • also occupied Iberian Peninsula
    • began to trade with the Indies
  13. Henry the Navigator
    Portugal prince began expiditions to explore Indies