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  1. glitches
    despite a couple of ----- that were beyond our control.//fallos tecnicos
  2. torn up
    but inside that woman is ------.///desgarrada
  3. booby traps
    and set------on both stairways//1bomba (f) trampa or camuflada (explosive device); trampa (f) (practical joke)/
  4. nasty
    you know, you're a ----- little woman//desagradable
  5. shabby
    went to a clean but ----, little restaurant//2cochambroso(a) (furniture, house)
  6. clearing out
    and I'll tell you exactly how by -----//2largarse (familiar) (leave
  7. blow-ups
    I'm covering these walls with --- of you//3ampliar (fotografía) (enlarge)
  8. fur
    is that a kiwi? the whole thing with the ----?1pelo (m) (hair); piel (f) (animal skin)
  9. gig
    your booked this ----'' //conciero actuacion
  10. clammy
    oh, sweetheart you're all hot and ----.//humedo
  11. edible
    all this is like an ---- spoon.///comestible
  12. fancier
    that you were a ---- of coffee.//2 apacionado
  13. brainless
    I wasn't----, I remember it was grandma and grandpa's golden anniversary.///tonto estupido , insensato
  14. heart set on
    she had her ----- singing for ruseel and anna tonight.//to want something very much
  15. keep monthly tabs
    we nen have too much on our minds to -----monthly---- on the love calendar.// llevar la cuenta
  16. nibbling
    we were studying biology and you were ------ an apple///mordiendo
  17. smeared
    took this oatmeal and----- it all over my body//untar,1-criticar
  18. lizard
    he took one look at that ---- swimming around//lagartijo
  19. huff
    Brown, whose fiery marriage to Houston was blamed by many for her drug and alcohol problems, left the church in a -----///ofendido.
  20. icky
    I hate liver. it taste-----./// todo pegajoso the honey had dripped off her toast and made an icky mess on the table (horrible) asqueroso;
  21. budding
    this is the work of a -----, young artist////brotar,salir
  22. uplifting
    will double the value of our home, oh i ti's so ----// estumulante. inspirador; edificante
  23. dejected
    she feels unhappy and ------ taking a lot fo baloney.
  24. poking
    this hay is sicking me and it's ---- me and///pinchado
  25. sling
    and she was eight years of age with one arm in a -----////3El vendaje en que descansa un brazo roto, dislocado o herido
  26. trifling
    all we needed was a ----- 75//insinificante
  27. fortnight
    I understand, but you see it's late and maybe a -----//en quince dias
  28. escapades
    now we will begin with the --- of the top five players// aventuras
  29. see me off
    hey, big brother come to ---?to accompany one to the point of departure for a trip and say good-bye upon departure
  30. cinch
    I think this new job is going to be a -----.3Cosa segura, cosa hecha; ganga
  31. messy
    Hey, I know my notebook looks a little -----// sucio// desordenado
  32. settle down
    sit down, ------ gets yours books out you know the rules.///acomodarse
  33. crisp
    but you're going to wake up ----- and ready to go.//vigorizante
  34. engrossed
    she was so ----- in her book she didn't even notice me// enfrascada
  35. slack
    you need more -----on that wire, it's ok, I going to get a wire nut //flojes
  36. on behalf
    thank you ---- of all of us//en nombre
  37. tugged
    and I----- on it a little too hard and it snapped all the way up////tirar
  38. the seamy side
    you might not want to show us --- of your life/ lado peor, el aspecto menos favorable/
  39. keeping it under wraps
    you're interested in college. yes I've been -------//to keep something concealed (until some future time).
  40. mole
    and the ==== on his neck that moves when he talks//lunar
  41. geek
    now, why is he a ---- all of a sudden//cretino
  42. bomb
    oh, but this is my first show and tell in the whole world, I don't want to -----.//fracasar estripitosamente
  43. blaze the trail.//
    up to my friend charmaine to ----///to explore new territories, areas of knowledge, etc., in such a way that others can follow
  44. jiggling
    but you've got to stop ----//no estarse quieto
  45. dull pins
    honey, do you have any -----? alfileres
  46. keep going on about
    I don't mean to ------ myself.//seguir con la misma cancion
  47. fizz
    it's really soda, but it's got twice the -----.//burbujeo
  48. chapped
    it's not even lipstick, it's just a little ip balm so the don't get ------//cortado agrietado
  49. retreat
    she's on a ------ so he cant't check on that./////retiro
  50. assertive
    j.t really likes mature, ------women//manner, tone] firme y enérgico;
  51. up and up
    it sounds that everything is on the ------- to me.////an honest or respectable course
  52. linger
    but the memory of you shall ----- in my soul forever//perdurar
  53. cut in
    before you try dancing with them three these two want to -------.///interrunpir
  54. skedaddle
    okay, winnie and nelson, uh -------///)1. Tomar las de Villadiego, poner pies en polvorosa.
  55. slathered
    not ------ on some hoagy roll////b. To cover with something spread thickly:
  56. pard
    watch it, ------, we got to clean'em up////2. (Germ. E. U.) Socio, compañero, asocado
  57. hooverize
    I will ----- you and anybody else that comes near me.///pasar la aspiradora
  58. dinky
    I don't want any ---- cologne samples//chiquitin
  59. ditzy
    instead of little -----gift.//unknown origen
  60. on edge
    obviously, we're all -----here//sentido figurado) -> estar tenso(a) or nervioso(a) (nervous)
  61. memento
    as a ------ of our relationship/////recuerdo
  62. mincemeat
    he made you a ------- pie//carne molida
  63. freshen up
    now you go -------//refrecarse bath
  64. court
    how many students did you -----? cortejar enamorar
  65. swamped
    I've been ==== with work.////// unundado
  66. struck a nerve
    it's ===== with everybody///to distress somebody through commentary
  67. narrowed it down
    have you set a date? haven't ==== it down yet//define clearly
  68. satchel
    you have to put them in your -------.//cartera colegia;
  69. scuffle
    I'll ------- if I have to.//pelear , renir refriega
  70. perked ud
    It seems like things ------once I left the room.///animaron
  71. out of the loop
    I move out and suddenly I'm ------?//////Not part of a group that is kept up-to-date with information about something.
  72. fuss
    and it's going to be a nice, quiet dinner here with no ----, no people , okay? alboroto
  73. whimsical
    oh, you know me- just being ----.///caprichoso
  74. muffled
    a person is calling up with a ----- voice// apagada
  75. puffy
    the cookies are ----- and bad.///hinchada
  76. pick up his tab
    you want to ------for grad for grad school?//to pay the bill for something
  77. reeled in
    I understand you ----- a high earning last quarter.///ir cobrando
  78. gruesome
    recounted a ----- attack on the roof of his Riverside Drive building./////horripilante, espantaso
  79. dagger
    beat her with a pipe, stabbed her with a ------ and cut off her head with a kitchen knife////punal , daga
  80. stifled
    whose entrance was applauded so loudly that it nearly ----- his opening lines/////ahogaron, suprimir
  81. blight
    there could have been a ----- all in the backyard//plaga
  82. delectable
    this is a ------ tax deduction///delicioso
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