HST 163 Terms 3

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  1. Columbus
    • believed he had reached Japan but had really reached the new world
    • Queen Isabella of Castile funded his trip
  2. Hispaniola & Cuba
    • first places the Columbus landed
    • Carribbean
  3. Bartolome de Las Casas
    defending the Natives by demanding that they be treated fairly
  4. Hernan Cortes
    • Diego Velazquez commmissioned him to explore the mainland
    • found Tenochtitlan and processed to eventually over take it
  5. Moctezuma
    • the ruler of Tenochtitlan
    • killed by Cortes
  6. Tlaxcala
    • city near Tenochtitlan that had a enmity against Tenochtitlan
    • Cortes formed an alliance and overtook Tenochtitlan with their help
  7. Malinche
    Mexican women/translator who fell in love with Cortes and traveled with him to overtake cities
  8. Francisco Pizarro
    • Spaniard that led the adventure to the Inca empire
    • overtook Cuzco
  9. Atahualpa
    the ruler of Cuzco who was executed in a mock trial by the Spaniards
  10. Manco Inca
    • Athualpa's half brother who led a revolt against Spanish settlers at Cuzco
    • eventually retreated and maintained a rebel neo-Inca state for 30 years
  11. Encomiendas
    the right to demand tribute and/or labor from Native peoples
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