HST 163 Terms 5

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  1. Republica de Indios
    • made up of hundreds of peasant communities with no real connection to one another
    • forced relocation elotted for most of this
  2. Caciques
    originally a taditional chief in Caribbean societies; later an indigenous local ruler in Spanish America
  3. Kurakas
    a tradtional chief in Peru and other Andean countrie both before and after the Spanish conquest
  4. Native Cabildos
    town council in Spanish America
  5. Indian Catholicism
    truly a mix of their earlier beliefs andt catholism
  6. The Virgin of Guadalupe
    • appeared to a Native
    • one of the Native religious gods
  7. cofradias
    organizations that fostered devotion to particular saints and provided spiritual and material benefits to members
  8. Indios Barbaros
    • barbarian indians
    • remained permanently outside of the control of Spanish
    • living without kins, without faith, without law
  9. The Pueblo Uprising 1680
    • lead by a man named Pope
    • burned churches, refused baptism, etc.
  10. Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala
    fashioned a worldview that accommodated both Christian and indigenous Andean teachings
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