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  1. Steady State
    For a reasonable length of time the value of the controlled variable is near the value of the set point
  2. Actuating Signal
    • Output of controller
    • Is not zero when error signal is zero
  3. Error Signal
    Output of comapator
  4. Actuating Signal
    • Increases/decreases to maintain steady state (negative)
    • Positive signal going into amplifier (positive)
  5. Controller
    Acts as or seems to do a subtraction problem (negative) or addition/multiplication (positive)
  6. Extracellular Fluid
    "Internal environment" Surrounds cell and must have certain concentrations to keep cell alive
  7. Homeostasis
    regulation of the internal environment
  8. Ca++ regulation in plasma
    • Agonist- Ca++ in plasma
    • CaSR (sensor) and controller in parathyroid gland plasma membrane
    • Actuating Signal-PTH in plasma
    • Effectors 1) Bone-PTHR, resorption if PTH^ 2) Kidney-PTHR, excretionv, reabsorption^ 3) Kidney-PTHR, 1,25 (OH)2 VIT D^ binds to 1,25 (OH)2 vitdR in lumen of intestine, absorption of Ca++ from intestine^
  9. Open Loop Diseases
    diabetes mellitus or insipidus
  10. Plasma
    Liquid portion of blood both extracellular and non cellular
  11. Threshold
    Below this the positive feedback system increases until it reaches it, then quickly spikes to hit the plateau
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