Peripheral Nerve Trauma

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  1. Peripheral Nerve Trauma
    • partial or complete severance of a nerve or nerves
    • contusion, stretching, constriction or compression of a nerve
    • ischemia to nerves
    • electrical, thermal or radiation injury to nerves
    • after a nerve is damaged the nerve distal to the injury degenerates and retracts within 24 hours
    • reinervation is a slow process
    • realigned nerves remyelinate and grow, returning to most of former capacity
  2. Peripheral Nerve Trauma-assessment
    • weakness
    • burning sensations below trauma
    • assess damaged limb by putting through normal ROM exercises
    • warm phase: extremity is warm and skin is flushed, lasts 2-3 wks
    • cold phase: skin cyanotic, mottled or reddish blue and cool to touch
  3. Peripheral Nerve Trauma-interventions
    • underlying problem addressed first
    • immobilize area/traction
    • surgery if lacerated or transected
    • frequent neurovascular assessment

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Peripheral Nerve Trauma
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Peripheral Nerve Trauma

Peripheral Nerve Trauma
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