What I learned 6

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  1. ta1 nian2 ji4 xiao3
    She is young 她年纪小
  2. wo3 nian2 ji4 bu2 da4
    I am not old. 我年纪不大
  3. ni3 nian2 ji4 bu2 da4
    You are not old 你年记不大
  4. san1 zhi1 xiong2 de bi2 zi
    three bears' noses 三只熊的鼻子
  5. shang4 ma3
    to mount (get on) a horse 上吗
  6. erbai 4,3
    200 二百
  7. jiubai 3,3
    900 九百
  8. wo3 you3
    I have 我有
  9. Na4 ge duoshao1 qian2?
    How much money is that? 那个多少钱
  10. Na4 zhang1 zhaopian4,4 sanshisi yuan2
    That photo is 34 yuan 那张照片三十四元
  11. shen2 me
    什么 what?
  12. zen3 me
    怎么 how?
  13. ji3
    几 how many?
  14. Zen3 me le?
    What is wrong? 怎么了
  15. Huo3 che1 shen2 me shi2 hou lai2?
    When does the train come? 火车什么时候来
  16. Nar3 you3 ce4 suo3?
    Where is the bathroom? 那儿有厕所
  17. Nar3 you3 yin2 hang2?
    Where is the bank? 那儿有银行
  18. zhe4 shu1
    这书 this book
  19. na4 ji1
    那鸡 that chicken
  20. na4 yu2
    那鱼 that fish
  21. zhe4 mian4 bao1 che1
    这面包车 this van
  22. na4 che1
    那车 that vehicle
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