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  1. What is the difference between aversion to cold and intolerance of cold?
    aversion- not relieved with heat. intolerance- relieved by heat
  2. What are the 4 types of chills/fever?
    1) aversion to cold w/ fever 2) chills w/out fever 3) fever w/out chills 4) alternative attack of chills & fever
  3. what are the 2 types of aversion to cold w/ fever and their specific causes.
    1) serious aversion to cold w/ slight fever (wind cold) & 2) slight aversion to cold w/ serious fever (wind heat)
  4. What are the differentiating factors of serious aversion to cold w/ slight fever?
    usually caused by wind-cold. pains in the head & body, absence of sweat, floating, tense pulse.
  5. what are the differentiating factors of slight aversion to cold w/ serious fever?
    usualy caused by wind heat. thirst, spontaneous perspiration, and floating and rapid pulse.
  6. Describe chills without fever
    this is usually due to deficiency cold syndrome, pale complexion, cold limbs, flexion of legs in bed, desire to be covered up. This is usually caused by an excess of yin, or deficiency of yang qi in the interior.
  7. What are the 3 types of fever without chills
    1) high fever (excess heat syndrome internally caused by wind-cold invasion) 2) tidal fever (3 types) 3) chronic low fever
  8. High fever, causes, s/s
    excess heat syndrome caused by wind-cold invasion. There is healthy qi & excessive pathogenic factos, so it's a good fight. There's usually sweating and thirst.
  9. Tidal Fever, 3 types
    1) due to yin deficiency 2)dampness heat syndrome 3) yangming
  10. Tidal fever due to yin deficiency
    heat syndrome in the interior, afternoon or evening, feverish in the 5 centers. Feels like heat is moving in-out ("tidal fever steamed out from the bones"). night sweats, flushed cheeks, dry mouth & throat, dry red tongue.
  11. Tidal Fever due to dampness heat
    higher temp in the Afternoon. heat is retained inside the body and can't be distributed out until eventually... path fac is in ST/SP. Pressure over chest, vomiting, heavy head/ bod, loose bowel, greasy tongue.
  12. Yangming Tidal Fever
    peaks from 2-5pm. Due to dry accumulation in ST & intestines. Fullness, pain/tenderness in abdomen, constipation, sweating from palms and soles, dry yellow tongue w/ even prickly papillae.
  13. Chronic low fever
    often caused by qi deficiency.. results from qi in middle jiao sinks due to impairment of spleen qi & stagnation of lucid yang failing to ascend. pale complexion, poor appetite, lassitude, shortness of breath, unwillingness to speak, fatigue under exertion, pale tongue, feeble pulse.
  14. alternating fever and chills
    partially internal, partially external, represents conflict btw healthy qi and pathogenic factors. Example: malaria.
  15. what are the 8 types of perspiration?
    1) due to exterior sydromes 2) spontaneous perspiration 3) night sweats 4) profuse perspiration 5) perspiration following chills 6) hyperhidrosis of the head 7) hemihidrosis 8) polyhidrosis of hands & feet
  16. spontaneous perspiration. causes, s/s
    frequent and excessive sweating upon exertion. due to qi def resulting in unconsolodated defensive qi,,,, lassitude, fatigue, shortness of breath, intolerance to cold.
  17. night sweats. causes, s/s
    usually due to yin deficiency. the person sweats when they fall asleep and stops when they wake. feverish sensation of five centers, insomnia, flush cheeks, dry mouth and throat. (the dryness comes from the overacting of yang heat eliminating b.f.)
  18. profuse perspiration, causes, s/s
    when it's excessive heat syndrome there's high feer, excess thirst, preference for cold drinks, full pulse. When it's of deficiency cold cause, it's said to be in the critical stage, when yang qi primary qi, and b.f. will soon be exhausted: shortness of breath, lassitude, weak breathing, cold extremities, feeble and impalpable pulses.
  19. perspiration following chills
    the turning point in the course of a disease. cooling of the body indicates convalescence, sweating/ restlessness/ rapid pulse indicate presense of pathogenic factors dominating over healthy qi.
  20. hyperhidrosis of the head
    excess heat in the upper jiao w/ excess thirst, yellow tongue coat, floating rapid pulse. If it's due to dampness in the middle jiao, there will be a grasy yellow tongue, heaviness in bod, fatigue, dysuria. Sometimes this happens at the final stages of a serious illness as well, indicating deficiency...signifies collapse of yin fluid & qi.
  21. hemihidrosis
    only half is sweating. usually caused by retnetion of wind-phelgm or wind-dampness, un-coordination btw nutrient qi & defensive qi, or the un-coordination btw qi & blood.
  22. polyhidrosis
    excessive sweating from hands, feet, dry mouth, throat, constipation, yellow urine, thready pulse is usally caused by retention of heat in the yin meridians (hand-jueyin & foot-shaoyin)
  23. What is the difference btw clammy sweat and warm sweat?
    clammy sweat is caused by weaked superficial region due to yang def and insufficiency of defensive qi. warm sweat indicates internal heat or exposure to wind heat.
  24. What are the 2 causes of insomnia?
    1) oberabundance of heat due to insufficiency of blood 2) disturbance of phlegm fire, dyspepsia, or various kinds of pathogenic factors.
  25. insomnia w/ overabundance of heat/ insufficiency of blood
    causes "no peace of mind". An example is an overabundance of heart fire due to heart yin def
  26. insomnia due to phlegm fire, dyspepsia, other path facs
    stag in the gb heance sleeplessness due to food stag
  27. Lethargy
    usually because of yang def leading to excess of yin and accumulation of phelgm-dampness resulting in lucid yang failing to rise.
  28. What are the 5 causes of erectile disfunction?
    damp heat, LV qi stag (both excessive), KD Def, KD Essence Def, LV blood def
  29. What are the 5 causes of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia?
    damp heat, qi stag, blood stasis (all excessive), KD qi def, KD yang def... the s/s look excessive but the roots are deficiency
  30. What are the 3 causes of an early period?
    yin def of LV/KD, excessive blood heat, spleen qi def
  31. what's the blood like w/ early period due to spleen qi def?
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