AP World- Ch. 24 Vocab

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  1. British Raj
    Government of the British East India Company; developed as a result of the rivalry between France and Britain in India
  2. Plassey
    battle in 1757 between troops of the British East India Company and an Indian army under Sir àjud-daula, ruler of Bengal; British victory resulted in control of northern India
  3. Robert Clive
    Architect of British victory at Plassey; established foundations of British Raj in northern India (18th century).
  4. Presidencies
    Three districts that made up the bulk of the directly ruled British territories in India; capitals at Madras, Calcutta, and Bombay.
  5. Princely states
    Domains of Indian princes allied with the British Raj; agents of East India Company were stationed at the rulers' courts to ensure compliance; made up over one-third of the British Indian Empire
  6. Lord Charles Cornwallis
    Reformer of the East India Company administration of India in the 1790s; reduced power of local British administrators; checked widespread corruption
  7. Ram Mohun Roy
  8. Settlement colonies
    areas, such as North America and Australia, that were both conquered by European invaders and settled by large numbers of European migrants who made the colonized areas their permanent home and dispersed and decimated the indigenous inhabitants
  9. White Dominions
    Colonies in which European settlers made up the overwhelming majority of the population; small numbers of native inhabitants were typically reduced by disease and wars of conquest; typical of British holdings in North America and Australia with growing independence in the 19th century
  10. White racial supremacy
    Belief in the inherent mental, moral, and cultural superiority of whites; peaked in acceptance in decades before World War I; supported by social science doctrines of social Darwinists such as Herbert Spencer
  11. Boer Republics
    Transvaal and Orange Free State in southern Africa; established to assert independence of Boers from British colonial government in Cape Colony in 1850s; discovery of diamonds and precious metals caused British migration into the Boer areas in 1860s
  12. Cecil Rhodes
    British entrepreneur in South Africa around 1900; manipulated political situation in South Africa to gain entry to resources of Boer republics; encouraged Boer War as means of destroying Boer independence
  13. Boer War
    Fought between 1899 and 1902 over the continued independence of Boer republics; resulted in British victory, but began the process of decolonization in South Africa
  14. Captain James Cook
    Made voyages to Hawaii from 1777 to 1779 resulting in opening of islands to the West; convinced Kamehameha to establish unified kingdom in the islands
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