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  1. POB
  2. SID
  3. IR
    8 x 10 LW VGD
  4. PT
    L - upright, seated @ VGD, RAO or LAO

    C & W - upright, seated @ VGD, Center MSP to MLG
  5. Part
    L - MSP | | VGD, IPL perp VGD, IOML perp VGD edge

    C - forehead + nose on CGD, MSP perp VGD, OML perp VGD

    W - Chin on VGD, MSP perp VGD OML 37deg from VGD
  6. CR
    L- 1/2 to 1" post outer canthus

    C - 15 deg caudal to exit nasion

    W - perp to exit acanthion
  7. ID
    R or L

    • L - face up
    • C & W - face down

    lower corner
  8. CM
    7 x 9
  9. Resp
  10. SN
    Radiograph upright to demo any fluid
  11. GS
  12. SS
    L - AP + superio-inferior demensions, relationship to surrounding structures, thickness of outer table frontal bone

    C - frontal sinuses sup to frontonasal suture, ant ethmoidal air cells on each side of nasal fossae + inf frontal sinuses, sphenoid sinuses thru nasal fossas inf ethmoid air cells

    W - parietoacanthial proj of maxillary sinuses, petrous ridges inf to floor of maxillary sinuses frontal + ethmoid air cells distorted, foramen rotundrum on each side inf medial aspect orbital floor + sup roof max sinuses
  13. EC
    L - All 4 sinus groups sphenoid of primary importance, no sella rotation, superim. orbital roofs + mand rami, clearly visible sinuses + air-fluid levels close collimation

    C - Equidistance lat border skull + orbits, no rotation, symetric petrous ridges, pet ridge lower 1/3 orbit, frontals above frontal suture, ant ethmoids above pet ridges, frontal + ethmoid air cells, clearly visible air-fluid levels, close collimation

    W - Pyramids inf to floor of maxillaries, equidistance lat border skull + orbits both sides, no rotation, symmetric orbits + max sinuses, max sinuses, clearly visible air-fluid levels, close collimation
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