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  1. pragmaticImage Upload 1
    • thực tế
    • this ís a pragmatic approach to management problems
    • the company responded pragmatically to local conditions.
    • syn: realistic
  2. ethology
    • phong thuc hoc
    • ex: Since the growth of ethology in the 1950s, we have tried to understand animal behaviour from the animal's point of view.
  3. constraint
    /'kan streint/
    • su ep buoc, su kim che
    • syn: restriction
    • ex: constraint of time/money/space
    • financial/economic/legal/ political constraint
    • this decision will impose serious financial constraint on all school
  4. Image Upload 2
    Image Upload 3
  5. disconcert (v)
    disconcerting (adj)
    • syn: disturb
    • lam roi, lam mat binh tinh
    • ex: I found all that noises rather disconcerting
    • his answer rather disconcerted her
  6. tremendous (adj)
    ghe ghom, khung khiep, to lon, ky la

    • syn: remarkable, huge
    • It was a tremendous experience
  7. squat (v), (n) (adj)
    • squatter
    • v: ngoi xom, o khu dat cong
    • ex: children were squatting on the floor
    • they ended up squatting in the empty houses on Oxford road
  8. n: nha cong khong duoc phep o nhung bi mot so nguoi chiem va khong tra tien thue
    ex: to live in a squat
  9. adj: map lun
    the man had a broad face and a squat neck
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