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  1. ´╗┐Exterior syndrome
    simultaneous chills and fever, headache, general aching, thin tongue coating, floating pulse
  2. Exterior cold (wind-cold)
    severe chills, mild fever (chills > fever), severe aches, severe stiff neck, no sweating, no thirst, floating-tight pulse, thin white tongue coating, possible red tongue border or front
  3. Exterior Heat (wind-heat)
    Mild chills, severe fever (chills < fever), no sweating or slight sweating, thirst, floating-rapid pulse, thin white coating, sometimes redness of the tongue on the sides and front
  4. Interior syndrome
    only fever or only chills, abnormal qualities of tongue coating, deep pulse
  5. Interior syndrome
    refers to pathological conditions resulted from the transmission of exogenous pathogenic factors to the interior of the body to affect zang-fu organs, or from the functional disturbances of zang-fu organs.
  6. Intermediate syndrome (Shao Yang Syndrome)
    refer to pathological conditions in which exogenous pathogenic factors fail to be transmitted completely to the interior, while the antipathogenic qi is not strong enough to expel the pathogenic factors to the body surface.
  7. Intermediate syndrome
    alternating chills and fever, discomfort and fullness in the chest and hypochondrium, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, blurred vision and wiry pulse
  8. full-heat
    thirst, feeling of heat, mental reslessness, red face, scanty dark urine, rapid-full pulse, red tongue w/ yellow coating
  9. etiology: full-heat
    etiology: excessive consumption of hot-energy foods, emotional stress, an external pathogenic factor that has penetrated into the Interior and turns into heat
  10. empty-heat
    feeling of heat in the afternoon or evening, a dry mouth w/ desire to drink in small sips, a dry throat at night, night sweating, feeling of heat in the chest, palms, and soles, dry stools, scanty dark urine, floating-deficient-rapid pulse, red tongue w/out coating
  11. etiology: empty-heat
    etiology: overwork, irregular eating, excessive sexual activity, persistent heavy blood loss
  12. full-cold
    feeling of cold, cold limbs, absence of thirst, pale face, abdominal pain aggravated by pressure, desire to drink warm liquids, loose stools, clear abundant urination, deep-full-tight pulse, pale tongue w/ white coating
  13. etiology: full-cold
    etiology: cold foods, external cold that penetrates into interior
  14. empty-cold
    feeling of cold, cold limbs, dull-pale face, no thirst, listlessness, sweating, loose stools, clear abundant urination, deep-slow or weak pulse, pale tongue w/ thin white coating
  15. etiology: empty-cold
    etiology: excessive physical work, diet, excessive sexual activity, internal cold injuring yang
  16. etiology: Cold on the exterior, heat in the interior (true heat, false cold)
    a pre-existing condition of interior Heat and is invaded by exterior wind-cold
  17. Cold on the exterior, heat in the interior (true heat, false cold)
    fever with chills, no sweating, headache and stiff neck, body-aches; irritability, thirst, constipation, yellow scanty urine; deep pulse, red tongue, a patient doesn't put clothes on even with chills
  18. etiology: heat on the exterior, cold in the interior (true cold, false heat)
    a person with a Cold condition is attacked by exterior wind-heat
  19. heat on the exterior, cold in the interior (true cold, false heat)
    fever with chills, a sore throat, thirst, headache; loose stools, chilliness, profuse pale urine; floating-rapid pulse, pale wet tongue, a patient wants to put clothes on even with sweating, thirst with no desire to drink liquids
  20. heat above, cold below
    thirst, irritability, sour regurgitation, a bitter taste, mouth ulcers, heat sensation in the chest, loose stools, abdominal pain, borborygmi, profuse pale urine
  21. cold above, heat below
    Abdominal pain, Borborygmi, poor appetite, yellow scanty urine, frequent and urgent urination, burning pain in the urethra
  22. etiology: transformation of a cold (false, ext) syndrome into heat (true, int)
    etiology: strengthening of antipathogenic qi and hyperactivity of yang qi
  23. transformation of a cold (false, ext) syndrome into heat (true, int)
    beginning: fever w/ chills, general aching, no sweating, white tongue coating, floating-tense pulse; later: chills subsides, fever persists, irritability, thirst, yellow tongue coating
  24. etiology: transformation of a heat (false, ext) syndrome into cold (true, int)
    etiology: the constitutional deficiency of yang, or exhaustion of yang qi during the course of a disease
  25. transformation of a heat (false, ext) syndrome into cold (true, int)
    Beginning: High fever, profuse sweating, thirst, irritability, surging-rapid pulse; Later: Cold limbs, pale complexion, deep-slow pulse
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