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  1. Muscles - general info
    • Combining Forms:
    • .....muscul/o
    • .....myos/o

    • Primary Functions:
    • .....1. Makes body movement possible
    • .....2. Hold body erect
    • .....3. Move body fluids thru ducts & tubes
    • ........of other body systems via muscle action *
    • .....4. Produce 85% of body heat via muscle action
    • .....5. Move food thru digestive system

    * Muscle movement, such as walking, also aids the flow of blood thru veins as it returns to heart.

    • Structure:
    • .....Muscle Fiber: Long, slender cells
    • .....Muscle: Group of muscle fibers held together by connective tissue and enclosed in fascia
  2. Fascia - general information
    • Combining Form:
    • .....fasci/o

    • Plural Form:
    • .....fasciae
    • .....fascias
    • Primary Function:
    • .....Cover, support, & separate muscles/muscle groups
    • Structure:
    • .....Sheet of dense, fibrous connective tissue
    • .....Flexible to allow muscle movement
    • .....Does NOT have elestic properties to accomodate swelling of enclosed tissues
  3. Tendons
    • Combining Form:
    • .....ten/o
    • .....tend/o
    • .....tendin/o

    • Primary Function:
    • .....Attach muscles to bones

    • Structure:
    • .....Narrow band of nonelastic, dense, fibrous connective tissue

    Note: Ligaments attach bones to bones or bones to cartilage.
  4. -al
    Suffix meaning: pertaining to
  5. -ar
    Suffix meaning: pertaining to
  6. ab-
    Prefix meaning: movment of a limb away from the midline of the body
  7. duct/o
    Combining form meaning: to lead
  8. -ion
    Suffix meaning action
  9. ad-
    Prefix meaning: movement of a limb toward the midline of the body
  10. flex/o
    Combining form meaning to bend
  11. ex-
    Prefix meaning away from
  12. tens/o
    Combining form meaning to stretch out, extend, strain
  13. bi-
    Prefix meaning two
  14. -cep(s)
    Suffix meaning head
  15. tri-
    Prefix meaning three
  16. fasci/o
    Combining form meaning fascia
  17. fibr/o
    Combining form meaning fibrous connective tissue
  18. -itis
    Suffix meaning inflammation
  19. -algia, -dynia
    Suffix meaning pain
  20. my/o, myos/o
    Combining form meaning muscle
  21. -dynia, -algia
    Suffix meaning pain
  22. ten/o, tendin/o
    Combining forms meaning tendon
  23. -cele
    Suffix meaning hernia, swelling, tumor
  24. -lysis
    • Suffix meaning
    • .....1. release or set free (Ex: tenolysis)
    • .....2. destruction or breaking down as in disease, degeneration, or deterioration (Ex: myolysis)
  25. -malacia
    Suffix meaning abnormal softening
  26. -rrhexis
    Suffix meaning rupture
  27. poly-
    Prefix meaning many
  28. sarc/o
    Combining form meaning flesh, connective tissue
  29. -penia
    Suffix meaning deficiency
  30. a-
    Prefix meaning without
  31. ton/o
    Combining form meaning tone, tension, stretching
  32. -ic
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  33. dys-
    Prefix meaning bad
  34. -ia
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition
  35. hyper-
    Prefix meaning excessive
  36. hypo-
    Prefix meaning deficient, decreased
  37. tax/o
    Combining form meaning coordination, order
  38. brady-
    Prefix meaning slow
  39. kines/o, kinesi/o
    Combining form meaning movement

    Note: The suffix form is -kinesia
  40. -clonus
    Suffix meaning violent action

    TIP: think 'clonk'
  41. -us
    Singular noun ending
  42. -asthenia
    Suffix meaning weakness, lack of strength

    TIP: think anesthesia
  43. epi-
    Prefix meaning on, upon, above
  44. condyl/o
    Combining form meaning condyle, knuckle, knob
  45. -paresis
    Suffix meaning partial or INcomplete paralysis

    TIP: think partial feeling
  46. hemi-
    PRefix meaning half
  47. -plegia
    Suffix meaning paralysis
  48. quadr/i
    Combining form meaning four
  49. cardi/o
    Combining form meaning heart

    Example: Cardioplegia = cardiac arrest Can be natural or induced for medical treatment
  50. electr/o
    combining form meaning electricity, electrical
  51. -graphy
    Suffix meaning process of producing a record or picture
  52. neur/o
    Combining form meaning nerve
  53. -otomy
    Suffix meaning surgical incision
  54. -plasty
    Suffix meaning surgical repair
  55. -desis
    Suffix meaning to bind or tie together; surgical fixation of a bone or joint
  56. -ectomy
    Suffix meaning surgical removal
  57. -rrhaphy
    Suffix meaning surgical suturing

    TIP: think 'rr-running stitch'
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