Chapter 2: American Citizens and Political Culture

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  1. immigrants
    citizens or subjects of one country ho ove to another country to live or work
  2. naturalization
    the legal process of acquiring citizenship for someone who has not acquired it by birth
  3. asylum
    protection or sanctuary, especially from political persecution
  4. refugees
    individuals who flee an area or a country because of persecution on the basis of race, nationality, religion, group membership, or political opinion
  5. political culture
    the broad pattern of ideas, beliefs, and values about citizens and government held by a position
  6. values
    central ideas, principles, or standards that most people agree are important
  7. normative
    describes beliefs or values about how things should be or what people ought to do rather than what actually is
  8. procedural guarantees
    government assurance that the rules will work smoothly and treat everyone fairly, with no promise of particular outcomes
  9. individualism
    belief that what is good for society is based on what is good for individuals
  10. ideologies
    sets of beliefs about politics and society that help people make sense of their world
  11. conservatives
    people who generally favor limited government and are cautious about change
  12. liberals
    people who generally favor government action and view change as progress
  13. economic liberals
    those who favor an expanded government role in the economy but a limited role in social order
  14. economic conservatives
    those who favor a strictly procedural government role in the economy and the social order
  15. libertarians
    those who favor a minimal government role in any sphere
  16. social liberals
    those who favor greater control of the economy and the social order to bring about greater equality and to regulate the effects of progress
  17. communitarians
    those who favor a strong, substantive government role in the economy and the social roder in order to realize their vision of a community of equals
  18. social conservatives
    those who endorse limited government control of the economy but a considerable government intervention to realize a traditional social order; based on religious values and hierarchy rather equality
  19. What a three central American values?
    Democracy, Freedom, and Equality
  20. The American political culture is described as both...
    procedural and individualistic
  21. Who makes immigration law?
    Congress, with the approval of the president
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