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  1. primary function of hemostasis
    Formation of plt plug
  2. Secondary function of hemostasis
    formation of stable fibrin clot
  3. Fibrinolysis
    break down of clot
  4. contents and uses of a BTT
    Citrate-intrinsic, extrinsic and common, von Williebrands factor, must be full
  5. contents and uses of a RTT
    No contents, activated clotting time and liver function tests
  6. contents and uses of a DET
    Must be full Intrinsic and common eval.
  7. contents and uses of a LTT
    EDTA-Plt counts, primary hemostasis
  8. The order of tubes for a vacutainer
  9. Extrinsic pathway
    Requires an outside tissue factor for activation reacts with F VII ==Prothrombin
  10. Intrinsic pathway
    all compnents needed are in the blood, XII, XI, IX, VIII

    activated by contact with collagen, edotoxin platelet products, ends in prothrombinase
  11. Common Pathway
    Ectrinsic and intrinsic converge strated by prothrombinase
  12. how does prothrombin become fibrin?
    Prothrombin->thrombin->fibrinogen-> Fibrin
  13. what are the three mechanisms of thrombocytopenia and an example
    • Decreased production-----> BM Toxin
    • Increased Destruction-----> Immune mediated Disease
    • Increased Consumption--->DIC
  14. 2 diseases that cause thromboembolism due to roughend endothelium in small animals
    • Cardiomyopathy in cats
    • heartworm in dogs
  15. vitamin K dependant factors
    2,7, 9, 10
  16. what coag. Factors does the liver produce
    all except for part of factor 8 vWF
  17. what caog factors are produced by the endothelium and plts
    8 and vWF
  18. Aquired Primary vascular hemostasis defects
    • vasculitis
    • collagen deficency
    • extensive vascular injury
  19. Primacry hemostasis vascular inherited defects
    vWB dz factor not produced by endothelium
  20. Primary hemostasis plt plug defects
    • Acquired-DIC, Drugs (asprin), Uremia
    • inherited- vWB Dz (plts fail to stick to subendothelial collagen
  21. Primary Hemostasis signs
    • petechia
    • ecchymosis
    • bleeding MM
    • bleeds out after venipuncture
  22. Secondary acquired hemostasis defects
    • Vitamin K deficiency-warfarin poisonings
    • Liver dz/failure
    • DIC
  23. Hereditary secondary hemostasis defects
    • hemofilias (born without ability to make factors)
    • vWB dz
  24. Clinical signs of secondary hemostasis defects
    • Hematomas
    • bleeding into muscles joints and body cavities
    • delayed bleeding after venipuncture
  25. Acquired Fibrinolysis defects
    • Liver failure (cant clear FDP's)
    • DIC
  26. Thromboembolic disorders def
    clot forms, breaks off from point of origin and loges somewhere else in circulation, (heart attack and stroke)
  27. Causes of Thromboemlic disorders
    • Roughend endothelium
    • Protein C def- down regulated fibrinolysis
    • Nephrotic sybdrine--loss of antithrombin III
  28. BMBT
    • buccal mucosal bleeding time
    • Evaluates Primary hemostasis
    • best test for plt dysfunction
  29. ACT
    • Activated clotting time
    • norms 60-90 sec in dog <65 sec in the cat
    • evals secondary hemostasuss best inhouse test for secondary defects
  30. PTT
    • Partial thromboplastin time
    • evals 2ndary hemostasis, intrinsisc and common pathways
  31. PT
    • prothrombin time
    • evals 2ndary hemostasis, extrinsic and common
    • best test for warfarin
  32. VFW
    Vwb factor test
  33. TT
    • thrombin time
    • detects decreases in fibrinogen and thrombin inhibition by FDP's
  34. FDP's Test
    test for fibrinolysis-amount of FDP's
  35. Why do we stage lymphoid tumors
    • Prognosis
    • treatment protocol
  36. Diffuse tumor
    cells deep in tissue
  37. Nodulare tumor
    walled of cells
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