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  1. House
  2. 곱배기 려면 주세요
    Give me a double serving of ramion.
  3. 글쎄
    well, let me think
  4. 들어오다
    to come in
  5. 들어가다
    to enter, to go into
  6. 아마
    perhaps, maybe
  7. 이번
    this time
  8. 출장
    business trip
  9. 옛날
    a long time ago
  10. 아까
    a short while ago
  11. 방금
    just now
  12. 금방
    in a moment
  13. 이따가
    in a little while
  14. 나중에
    much later
  15. (으)려고 하다
    intend to, going to, plan to
  16. 서울에서 살려고 해요.
    I plan to live in Seoul.
  17. 는 중이다
    In the middle of -ing (는 ing)
  18. 지금 TV 보는 중이야
    I am in the middle of watching TV.
  19. 수업 중이야
    I am in the middle of class.
  20. 는 길이다
    means to be on the way to be dong something
  21. 회사에 가는 길이에요.
    I am on my way to work.
  22. 것 같아요
    It looks like... It seems like... I think.
  23. 못 마날 것 같아요.
    It seems like I won't be able to meet
  24. 오늘 몇 시에 들어와요?
    What time are you coming home?
  25. 글쎄...7시?
    Let me see...7?
  26. 오늘 친구를 좀 만나랴고 하는데
    Today I intend to meet with my friend.
  27. 전녁식사는 밖에서 하고 들어갈게.
    I will eat dinner out and come home.
  28. 누구 만나려고?
    Who do you plan to meet?
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