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  1. 210 If a DO from one command calls a DO from a command stating that a prisoners family member is present with prescription drugs who makes an entry and where is it made?
    Both Do's in Command Log
  2. a)Who prepares the prisoner transport dispatch?
    b)Who completes the prisoner roster when prisoners are being moved (Leaving)?
    • a)Dispatch=Cell attendant
    • b)Prisoner Roster=Escort Officer
  3. 210-02 Is a prisoner is admitted to hosp wherer does the DO precinct of arrest deliver the OLBS and print cards?
    DO precinct of hospital
  4. 210-01 Who can interveiw prisoners?
    • CAGES
    • Clergy-if prisoner requests
    • Attorneys
    • Gov't officials (ME, ADAm Detm Parole Officers)
    • Embassy/Foreign Consulate
    • Supv of NYPD
  5. 210-01 Where is a visit by the parent/gaurdian of juvenile prisoner recorded?
    Arrest report supplement
  6. 210-01 When must transport chains be used?
    >2 prisoners
  7. 210-01 What age prisoners are we allowed to let parents or gaurdians visit?
  8. 210-09,10,11
    a)If Defendant and surety show up in court who does A/O give money to?
    b)def only?
    c)surety only?
    • a)Both-surety
    • b)Def only-Property Clerk
    • c)Surety-Court Clerk
  9. 210-01 When requesting BCS to assign cell space and determine method of transport to detention facility what info must you give BCS?
    Name, Sex and physical condition of prioner, pct of arrest, arrest #, status, next destination
  10. 210-03 What info goes in the OLBS narrative when there is a hospitalized prisoner arrested by other agency and by who?
    • 1)Hospital and room number
    • 2)DO pct of arrest puts it in
  11. IO 25 210 Who must debriefing MOS call after all prisoner debriefings?
    • RISC
    • Reginal Intell Support Center
  12. 210-01 What is the max time period a parent or gaurdian is allowed to visit a juvenile prisoner?
    15 minutes
  13. 210 Who prepares the OLBS supplement with all hospitalized prisoner visitor information?
    DO pct of arrest
  14. 210-01 What info must you give Borough court if you must use your unactivated cells for a brief period?
    Name, sex, age, charge, reason and amount of time
  15. 210 When are additional escort officers needed?
    • 1)> 2 without chains
    • 2)>9 with chains
    • 3)Several detention stops
    • 4)>1 prisoner with different destinations
    • 5)prisoner designated "High risk"
  16. 210 If a hospitalized prisoner dies/SILD or injured by our guns who must the DO notify?
    • Borough
    • Operations
    • CO Duty Capt
    • Squad
    • Det Borough
    • IAB
  17. 210 What does teh "available supervisor" make a Comamnd Log Entry of after observing the opening and inspecting each cell?
    Time of 1st arrival and cell conditions
  18. 210 Where does DO initial the prisoner roster after reveiwing it for accuracy and completeness?
    Next to time of admission
  19. 210 Who can authorize the release of info that a prisoner has a communicable disease?
  20. 210 When is the 2nd call for relief to other agencies made when we are guarding their hospitalized prisoner (if A/O has other perps)?
    2nd call for relief made in 1 hr
  21. 210 How long does precinct guard hospitalized prisoner for Transit and Housing if AO has other perps?
    Not to exceed 1 tour
  22. 210 When a Dr requests a prisoners medication to be delivered what info goes in the remarks section and what goes in the disposition column of the index?
    • remarks: Dr. Name, Hospital, Name of UMOS
    • disposition: Dr. Name, Hospital
  23. 210-04 If a prisoner needs to be a)treated for an emergency where do they go? b)treated for non emergency and may be admitted for medical/psychological/drug where do they go?
    • a)Nearest hospital
    • b)Local Hospital
  24. IO 25 210 What is considered a positive debriefing?
    Intel info unrelated to current arrest obtained
  25. 210-04 If a prisoner goes to a hospital from scene who reveiws and signs Medical treatment form?
    Boss on Scene
  26. 210-05 When does the DO pct of detention call the BCS for hospitalized prisoner?
    • 1)prisoner is transferred
    • 2)arraignment is delayed in excess of 6 days
    • 3)Any problem that can't be resolved by detention personnel
  27. 210-04 If a hospitalized prisoner is released on bail where does DO precinct of detention make entries regarding this?
    OLBS and bedside arraignment worksheet
  28. 210 Who must be consulted for a parent/guardian to visit a juvenile prisoner if it is in the precinct of arrest?
    AO or Sqd CO
  29. 210-01 What is the minimum time period a juvenile prisoner must be detained for a parent or guardian to visit?
    4 hours
  30. 210-03 Who writes voided across top OLBS or supplement if an arrest is voided and prisoner released?
    DO / Supv Authority
  31. 210-06 Who makes the expense report for adult prisoner meals?
    Ops Coordinator
  32. 210-13 a) who should a A/O confer with to obtain consent to release a prisoner?
    b)if unavailable?
    • a) P/S
    • b)DO or BCS Supv
  33. 210-06 How much is spent on adult prisoner meal? Juvenile?
    • Adult: $1.80
    • Juvenile: $5.00
  34. 210-06 When are prisoner meals? (Times)
    • 0500-0600
    • 1200-1300
    • 1800-1900
  35. 210-7 regarding bedside arraignment whol asks the hospital administrator about arrangements for transfer of perp to corrections?
    Guarding Officer
  36. 210-05 Who prepares the bedside arraignment worksheet when a hospitalized prisoner can be arraigned?
    DO pct of Detention
  37. 210 Who makes the prisoner roster upon arrival?
    Cell attendant
  38. IO 25 210 How does FIO ensure DD5 was prepared by assigned supervisor of open case after a debriefing?
    call within 72 hrs
  39. 210-16 Who does DO notify if a prisoner was DP'ed?
    BCS Supv
  40. 210-13 Who does the DO indicate "Duplicate copies required for" when a prisoner is released?
    • Boroug CO
    • CO ID Section
    • BCS
    • CO of AO if different then pct of arrest
  41. 210-02 Who must guard jvuenile hospitalized prisoners?
    UMOS in civilian clothes
  42. 210 Who does the PS make thier recommendation to regarding wether a hsopitalized prisoner should eb cuffed?
    DO pct of detention
  43. 210 If a hospitalized prisoner is near death which DO notifies CO?
    DO pct of detention
  44. 210 If the PS requests a room change and there is a lack of cooperation from hospital who must the PS report it to?
  45. 210-04Where does the DO pct of detention record arraignment info gotten from a guarding MOS of a hospitalized prisoner that was ararigned?
    • Bedside arraignment worksheet and
    • Telephone record Log
  46. 210-06 Where does CO forward original and 1st copy of prisoner expense report with original meal voucher to? by when?
    Audit and account by 15th of month
  47. 210-06 When may DO authorize meal if not during meal hours?
    When medical or other unusual condistion exist and if prisoner requests (Command Log Entry)
  48. 210-07 What is prisoner unusual Occurence?
    A CO ED
  49. 210-07 How many copies of 49 for prisoner unusual occurence are sent to Chief of Department?
    3 adult prisoner, 2 DOA juv, 1 juv
  50. 210-07 When is IAB notified for prisoner unusual occurence?
    Escape, DOA, Suicide Att
  51. 210-07 What caption does CO complete on report of Inmate Death to State Comm. of Correction?
    1 through 36
  52. 210-07 As per FINEST message where does CO fax "Report of Inmate Death to State Comm. of Corrections" to?
  53. 210-08 When must DO male Command Log entry for prisoners (time epriod)?
    longer than 3 hrs
  54. 210-13 If A/O released prisoner prior to removal to S/H and Sgt is not available to confer with who must be notified?
    DO pct of occurence
  55. 210-13 Who writes VOID accross top of OLBS or Arrest Report Supplement?
    DO/Supv concerned
  56. 210-13 If CO believes a release of prisoner was not proper who is notified?
    1st Dep and Chief of Department
  57. 210-18 Who conducts prisoner debriefing?
    Supv. Anti Crime, SNEU, DO FIO, Inv from OCCB, Det Bureau, Intell Div
  58. 210-18 How does DO document inspection of debriefing log?
    Command Log Entry
  59. 210-18 Where does RISC #'s get recorded after a debriefing?
    DD5 Pink Details
  60. IO51s09 If IMEI sticker is missing/defaced what is put in remarks section of voucher?
    "IMEI tampered with"
  61. IO51s09 What phones have IMEI #?
    TMobile, ATT, Nextel/Boost
  62. IO51s09 If IMEI is defaced/removed who does A/O notify?
    Do, FIO, Supv Detective Squad (0100-0800 Nightwatch)
  63. IO51s09 If IMEI hit on Omniform system who notifies FIO, Squad and AO?
  64. 210-01 How often is report sent to Chief of Department Strategic Analysis Section?
    Monthly no later than 15th
  65. 210-01 When is prisoner Security Survey report due?
    Sept. 30
  66. 210-01 When is survey conducted for prisoner security reprot?
    Last week of Sept
  67. 210-01 What must CO do if cells are out of service due to civil/natural disaster emergency?
    Notify BCS and do Unusual occ Report
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