Scalp 2

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  1. ´╗┐Nominal Aphasia
    Can't name objects
  2. What scalp line to treat nominal aphasia
    Speech #2
  3. Receptive Aphasia
    Inability to make sense of the words being heard
  4. What scalp line to treat Receptive Aphasia
    Speech #3
  5. What 2 lines in scalp are divided into 5th's
    Motor & Sensory
  6. Upper fifth of motor treat?
    lower limb and trunk, treats paralysis of lower limb (opp. side)
  7. Upper fifth of sensory treat?
    lower limb and trunk + head, treats low back pain (opp. side), numbness or paresthesia in that area, occipital h/a, stiff neck, vertigo
  8. Middle-2nd & 3rd fifth of motor and sensory treat
    Upper limb area, motor treats paralysis of upper limb (opp. side), sensory treats pain, numbness or other paresthsia of upper limb (opp. side)
  9. Lower two fifth's of motor treat?
    Facial area + Speech #1, treats upper motor neuron, paralysis of face (opp side), motor aphasia, dribbling saliva, impaired speech, bel's palsy
  10. Lower two fifth's of sensory treat?
    Facial area, treats migraine h/a, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache (opp side), arthritis of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  11. Order of scalp lines from anterior to posterior
    BTMS-bacon, tomato, mayo sandwich-aka Blood, Tremor, Motor, Sensory
  12. The two lines are used to treat a prolapsed uterus?
    Reproductive area & leg motor & sensory area
  13. Superficial edema
    blood vessels dilations & constriction area that also treats hypertension
  14. Nocturnal Urination
    leg motor & sensory area
  15. Intermittent supraventricular tachycardia
    thoracic cavity area
  16. When is just one side of the scalp used in tx?
    One sided paralysis -use opp. side
  17. Tremor line treats?
    Syndenham's chorea, tremors, palsy and related syndromes-Parkinsons
  18. Vertigo and hearing area?
    Tinnitus, vertigo, diminished hearing, menier's syndrome
  19. Voluntary movement area treats?
    Apraxia -loss of ability to execute or carry earned purposeful movements
  20. Vision area?
    Cortical blindness
  21. Balance area treats?
    loss of balance due to cerebellar disorders
  22. Stomach area treats?
    Discomfort in upper abdomen
  23. Liver & GB area treats?
    Pain in upper right quadrant of the abdomen and/or right rib cage, chronic hepatitis
  24. Thoracic cavity area treats?
    asthma, chest pain, intermittent supraventricular tachycardia (faster htbeat/palpitations)
  25. Reproduction area treats?
    Abnormal uterine bleeding, combined with leg motor area for prolapsed uterus
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