Auricular CAM Pts

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  1. ´╗┐middle ear
    hiccups, jaundice, symptoms and diseases of digestive system and skin
  2. lower portion of rectum
    constipation, anal prolapse, external and internal hemorrhoids, tenesmus
  3. urethra
    enuresis, frequent urgent painful urination, retention of urine
  4. external genitalia
    inflammation of external genital organs, eczema of perineum, impotence
  5. anterior ear apex
    external and internal hemorrhoids
  6. ear apex
    fever, hypertension, inflammation of eyes, painful diseases
  7. liver yang
    liver qi stagnation, liver yang preponderance
  8. helix 1-6
    fever, tonsillitis, hypertension
  9. finger
    pain and dysfunction of the fingers
  10. interior tubercle
    expels wind and stops itching
  11. wrist
    pain and dysfunction at wrist
  12. elbow
    pain and dysfunction at elbow
  13. shoulder
    pain and dysfunction at shoulder
  14. clavicle
    pain at clavicle, peripheral arthritis of the shoulder, takayashu's disease
  15. toe
    pain and dysfunction of toes
  16. heel
    heel pain
  17. ankle
    ankle sprain, pain, and dysfunction
  18. knee
    pain and dysfunction of knee
  19. hip
    pain at hip
  20. buttocks
    pain at buttocks
  21. ischium
  22. end of inferior antihelix crus
    pain of internal organs, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, night sweating, functional disorders of autonomic nervous system
  23. cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae
    pain at corresponding part of spine
  24. neck
    strained neck, wry neck, pain or dysfunction of neck
  25. chest
    pain and stuffiness of chest
  26. abdomen
    abdominal or gynecological diseases, lumbago
  27. ear- shen men
    sedation, easing mind, relieving pain, clearing heat
  28. triangular depression
    gynecological diseases and symptoms, impotence, prostate problems, etc.
  29. superior triangle
  30. nose
    brandy nose or nose furuncles, nasal obstruction, other nose problems
  31. supratragic apex
    reduce heat and relieve pain
  32. lower tragic apex
    reduce heat and relieve pain, anti spasmodic and expels wind
  33. pharynx - larynx
    acute and chronic pharyngitis and chronic laryngitis and tonsillitis
  34. internal nose
    allergic rhinitis and other nose diseases
  35. antitragic apex
    asthma, bronchitis, parotitis, itching skin
  36. central rim and middle border
    oligophrenia, enuresis, etc.
  37. occiput
    dizziness, headache, insomnia, etc
  38. temple
    shao yang headache
  39. forehead
    yang ming headache
  40. brain for pain
    oligophrenia, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, tinnitus due to kidney deficiency
  41. mouth
    facial paralysis, stomatitis, etc
  42. esophagus
    dysphagia, esophagitis, etc
  43. stomach
    insomnia, gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, other gastric diseases and symptoms
  44. duodenum
    duodenal ulcer, pylorospasm, etc
  45. small intestine
    indigestion, palpitations, etc
  46. appendix
    clears damp heat from lower jiao
  47. cardiac orifice
    hiatal hernia, esophageal reflux
  48. large intestine
    appendicitis, diarrhea, constipation
  49. liver
    liver qi stagnation, eye diseases, disorders of lateral lower abdomen
  50. pancreas/GB
    diseases and symptoms of bile duct, pancreatitis, migraine
  51. kidney
    nephritis, lumbago, tinnitus, diplacusis, spermatorrhea, impotence
  52. ureter
    stone and colic pain of ureter
  53. bladder
    lower back pain, sciatica, cystitis, enuresis, retention of urine
  54. angle of cymba concha
  55. middle cymba concha
    low fever, abdominal distension, ascariasis of bile duct, impaired hearing, parotitis
  56. heart
    insomnia, palpitation, hysteria, night sweating, angina pectoris
  57. lung
    cough and asthma, skin diseases, hoarseness, also used for anesthesia
  58. trachea
    cough and asthma
  59. spleen
    abdominal distension, diarrhea, chronic indigestion, stomatitis, functional uterine bleeding
  60. triple jiao
    removes obstruction from the water passages, clears heat and stops itching
  61. intertragus
    skin diseases, impotence, irregular menstruation, climacteric syndrome, dysfunction of endocrine
  62. frontal tragic notch
    glaucoma, pseudomyopia, other eye diseases
  63. lower tragic notch
  64. back tragic notch
    ametropia, external eye inflammation
  65. cheek
    facial paralysis, other facial problems
  66. tongue
  67. jaw
    toothache, submandibular arthritis, etc
  68. section 4 of ear lobe
    toothache, neurasthenia
  69. eye
    acute conjunctivitis, electric ophthalmia, myopia, other eye diseases
  70. internal ear
    tinnitus, impaired hearing, auditory vertigo, etc
  71. tonsil
    acute tonsillitis
  72. upper root of auricle
    headache, abdominal pain, asthma
  73. lower root of auricle
    headache, abdominal pain, asthma
  74. root of auricular vagus
    headache, nasal obstruction, ascariasis of bile duct
  75. groove of inferior helix crus
    hypertension, skin diseases
  76. heart (back of ear)
    furuncles, insomnia, dream- disturbed sleep, hypertension, headache, etc.
  77. spleen (back of ear)
    abdominal distention, diarrhea, indigestion
  78. liver (back of ear)
    distension and fullness of chest and rib side, acute appendicitis, soreness and aching of lower back
  79. lung (back of ear)
    asthma, diseases and symptoms of digestive system, fever
  80. kidney (back of ear)
    headache, insomnia, dizziness, vertigo, irregular menstruation
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