Auricular Pts 1

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  1. ´╗┐tooth extraction
    tooth extraction, tooth ache
  2. special tumor area
    pain from tumors, fibroids, fibrocystic breast, enlarged prostate, etc
  3. vertex
    vertex headache, vertigo
  4. excitation
    narcolepsy, depression
  5. nerve
    paralysis, muscle weakness, bells palsy, hemiplegia
  6. hunger
    relieves hunger, for compulsive eating
  7. thirst
    relieves thirst, for diabetes, polyuria
  8. clear nose/ eyes
  9. hepatitis area
  10. blood
    hemorrhage disorders, blood not being held in
  11. blood base, colon 1 and 2
    allergic colitis, colon ulcers, gut polyps, intestinal parasites, IBS, bleeding in lower GI
  12. ascites
    cirrhosis, intestinal adhesions, electrolyte imbalance
  13. prolapse
  14. prostate
    UTI, spermatorrhea, dysuria, prostate problems
  15. relax muscle
    hepatitis, cirrhosis, relaxes muscles
  16. chest wall
    gallstones, gallbladder pain, chest and rib pain
  17. hot
    low grade fever
  18. mammary glands
    breast lumps, mastitis, lactation problems
  19. constipation
  20. neurogate
    anti allergies, anesthesia, high blood pressure, itching, pain, affects cerebral cortex
  21. common cold
    wind- cold or wind - heat
  22. point zero
    balances energy, hormones, and brain activity
  23. shen men
    alleviates stress, pain, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, excessive sensitivity
  24. autonomic point
    improves blood circulation, relieves stress related health disorders
  25. thalamus point
    regulates over excitement, restrains cerebral cortex, reduces chronic pain
  26. endocrine point
    activates pituitary gland, relieves hypersensitivity, rheumatism, urogenital disorders
  27. master oscillation point
    for oscillation, switching, dyslexia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, unusual or hypersensitive reactions to medications
  28. allergy point
    reduces inflammatory reactions related to allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma. eliminates toxic substances
  29. tranquilizer point
    general sedation effect, relieves anxiety, reduces high blood pressure and chronic stress
  30. master sensorial
    reduces any unpleasant or excessive sensation such as paresthesias and blurred vision
  31. master cerebral
    diminishes nervous anxiety, fear, worry, obsessive-compulsive disorders, negative thinking
  32. anti fear
    unpleasant sensation that accompanies premonition of fear or mishap
  33. anti aggression
    for simple antagonism, hate, maliciousness
  34. psychosomatic r point
    releases repressed emotions
  35. general tonification point
    increases efficacy of treatments
  36. darwin point
    treats all lower extremity complaints
  37. weather point
    for any weather provoked complaints
  38. point jerome
    treats all difficulties falling asleep
  39. sleep
    for all sleep disorders
  40. thalamus
    for unilateral body pain
  41. vertigo
    vertigo due to vascular causes
  42. tic line
    for all hyperkinetic disturbances, tics and twitches
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