Auricular Pts 2

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  1. Dr. Paul Nogier
    who made the ear reflex chart?
  2. Dr. HL Wen
    who conducted the first clinical studies on the use of ear acupuncture for opiate detoxification?
  3. Dr. Micheal Smith
    who used ear acupuncture for withdrawing addicts from opiate drugs, cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine in a hospital setting?
  4. easy to learn and use
  5. broad application
  6. quick, dramatic effect
  7. used for diagnosis, treatment
  8. effective for the treatment of addidction
    what are the advantages of ear acupuncture?
  9. must be accurate
  10. more painful
  11. thicker needles
  12. longer retention
  13. susceptible to infection
    what are the disadvantages of ear acupuncture?
  14. triangular fossa
    darwin's tubercle is located at the same level as the_____
  15. finger
  16. urticaria/allergy
  17. wrist
  18. elbow
  19. shoulder
  20. clavicle
    what points are located in the scapha?
  21. arm
    scapha corresponds to the ______
  22. finger
    what point is located at the top of scapha?
  23. urticaria, allergy
    what point is located midway between finger and wrist?
  24. clavicle
    what point is located at the lower end of scapha and the same level as the helix tragic notch?
  25. elbow
    what point is midway between finger and clavicle?
  26. wrist
    what point is midway between finger and elbow?
  27. midway between the elbow and clavicle
    where is the shoulder point located on the scapha of ear?
  28. expels wind, stops itching
    what are the functions of urticaria/allergy point?
  29. leg
    superior antihelix crus corresponds to the ____
  30. toe
  31. heel
  32. ankle
  33. knee
  34. hip
    what points are located on the superior antihelix crux?
  35. superior and lateral angle
    where is the toe point located on the superior antihelix crus?
  36. heel
    what point is located on the superior and medial angle of the superior antihelix crus?
  37. midway between the heel and knee on the supperior antihelix crus
    where is the ankle point located?
  38. knee
    what point is located on the middle portion of the superior antihelix crus?
  39. hip
    what point is located on the inferior 1/3 of the superior antihelix crus?
  40. buttocks
    what point is located at the lateral 1/3 of interior antihelix cus?
  41. medial 1/3 inferior antihelix cus
    where is the sciatic nerve point located?
  42. sympathetic nerve
    what point is located on the terminal of inferior antihelix crus?
  43. antispasmodic
  44. analgesia
  45. relaxes internal organs
  46. dialatees blood vessels
  47. nourish yin
  48. support yang
    what are the functions of sympathetic nerve point?
  49. sympathetic nerve
    what point treats these indications:
  50. pain of internal organs, ST spasm, roundworm in bile duct, GB/UB stone, pallpitations, spontaneous sweating, night sweating, functional disorders of nervous system
  51. vertebra
    antihelix corresponds to the _______
  52. sedation
  53. easing mind
  54. relieving pain
  55. clearin heat
  56. anti-allergy
    functions of shen men
  57. neuropsychiatric disorders
  58. hypertension
  59. coughing
  60. allergic asthma
  61. itching
  62. pain
    indication of shen men
  63. pelvic cavity point
  64. shen men
  65. uterus/seminal place
  66. constipation
  67. adenxa
  68. lower blood pressure
    what points are located on the triangular fossa?
  69. supporting yang
  70. nourinshing essence
  71. regulating menstruation
  72. harmonizing blood
    function of uterus/seminal place
  73. gyn diseases
  74. impotence
  75. prostatix
    indications of uterus/seminal place
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