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  1. Drywell Pressure Limit
    62 psig
  2. Drywell Temperature Limit

    *340oF peak from small steam line break150oF req modes 1,2,3
  3. Suppression Pool Pressure Limits
    62 psig, -1.9 Internal

    2 psig External
  4. Operation of Rx building to Torus Vacuum Breakers
    air operated valves auto open when RB 0.5 psi > DW pressure

    swing check self actuates 1 sec later
  5. Suppression Chamber to DW Vacuum Breakers
    10 valves on ring vent header prevent torus water from being drawn into DW through downcomers and vent pipes post LOCA

    • magnet at disc base holds valves shut
    • mechanically opens when Torus 0.5 psi > DW
    • full open after 1 second
  6. Drywell Cooler Auto Starts
    • Scram - sensed by 60psig in scram air header
    • (unless in LOCKOUT)

    Dampers open (U2 and 1B only)
  7. Drywell Cooler Trips
    • LOCA - divisionalized from Core Spray logic
    • (A,D = div I)
    • (B,C = div II)

    • Electrical-
    • MCC trip on therm or magnetics
    • loss of control power (U2 and 1B)
  8. RCS leakage limits
    In modes 1,2,3:

    • <5gpm UNIDENTIFIED over past 24 hours
    • <25gpm IDENTIFIED
    • <2gpm rise in UNIDENTIFIED past 24 (MODE 1)
  9. LCO Suppression Pool Temperature requirements
    In modes 1,2,3:

    • <95oF w/no testing in progress
    • <105oF w/testing that adds heat
    • <110oF CTP<1% rated

    • If testing adding heat, stop testing if 105oF
    • If 110oF, SCRAM immediate
  10. Equipment drain recirc
    High temp closes discharge valve, opens recirc through cooler.

    High level or low temp will isolate from HX and pump forward.
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