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  1. ´╗┐Pressing
    Thumbs, fingers, palm, elbow, knuckle
  2. Pressure is variable, go in and out slowly.
  3. Can either concentrate or disperse qi
  4. Image: like letting your hand sink into a pillow
  5. Pushing
    palm, forearm, thumb
  6. Acts at the level of muscles and tendons
  7. Moves warms and dredge
  8. Image: like ironing or planing
  9. Pinching
    thumb-fingers-whole hand
  10. Lifts and separates muscles from each other and the bone
  11. re-aligns soft tissue
  12. Image: like sequentially opening locks in an irrigation ditch.
  13. Kneading
  14. Pace is even and not that fast
  15. Disperses local stagnation, helps break adhesions, relaxes spasm, also lifts/seperates
  16. image: like kneading dough
  17. Grasping
    with three or five fingers
  18. slow even pace, squeeze and release
  19. lifts and separates
  20. image: like squeezing water from a wet towel
  21. Round Rubbing
    palm, fingertip, thumb
  22. presssure is variable: can act at the level of skin, muscle bone, or tendon
  23. Force is consistent
  24. relaxes spasm, disperses stagnation
  25. image: spirals in a particular direction
  26. Hammering
    loose fist
  27. Percussive in nature
  28. Pressure is variable an can affect to the bone level
  29. Breaks stagnation/strongly moves
  30. Image: like sandbag falling to earth
  31. Simple Rolling
    back of hand, minor thenar eminence
  32. acts intitially at the level of the superficial muscles
  33. Paradoxically can penetrate deeper than it seems to go without aggravating inflamed tissues, separates adhesions, warms channels relieves spasms/pain
  34. Intention like rolling bread out with a rolling pin
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